Pete’s Little Van Halen Saga re 1985 Summary

The year is 1984 and Van Halen release their 6th Album racking up millions of sales due to the crossover tune “Jump” for us old school fans we though what the F*&K Ed’s playing god damn keys in this tune. We all soon got over it when “Panama” cranked in next and proceeded to rip our heads off followed by “Hot For Teacher” Van Halen was still intact, still cranked and still the sound track to our lives …

Fast forward 12 months. Our lives are SHATTERED, the carnage and waste lay everywhere, sad times lay ahead, especially when we saw the goof ball haircut Sammy Hagar had when he joined the band in 1986

April 1st 1985 David Lee Roth announces he and Van Halen where splitting up. What started back in Pasadena back in 73-74 was over. Word from the Roth camp was, Ed was holed up in the studio playing hermit while Davie was at the gates getting more and more pissed off he was not laying down Vocals, the Ed camp says David was off trekking the Amazon with buddies and now where to be seen. In the end we all missed out on Van Halen tunes for the next 11 years with Dave up front. In 1996 we managed 2 new tunes from the original band that brought sheer thrills and goosebumps back “Me Wise Magic” is such a freakin cool song, buy it and play it screaming loud, the guitar playing alone is INSANE!

So here we are in 2009 Van Halen just completed a US tour last year grossing over $50mil with Dave back on throat duties. Ed’s about to get married again and watch his kid graduate and then they hit the studios for a new record, fingers crossed a 2010 release, if so 2010 is going to be huge for us old school VH diehards.

In the meantime while we wait for Van Halen to check back in, check out Chickenfoot Sammy’s new band Michael Anthony (bass), Sammy Hagar (vocals),
Chad Smith (drums), and Joe Satriani (guitar) they sound pretty damn good.

There ya go Pete a short summary …. No go crank some Van Halen and wind back the clock to 1984

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12 Responses to Pete’s Little Van Halen Saga re 1985 Summary

  1. ourboy says:

    Your post has triggered a very painful flashback for me. I was 13 and just starting to really get into Van Halen quite heavily when this all happened.

    I remember when unconfirmed word of DLR/Van Halen split spread on Detroit radio. I went right over to a good friend’s house and told him what I had heard. We were both kind of stunned and certainly disappointed.

    Months went by as we waited to see who, if anyone, would replace DLR. Obviously, that was Sammy. If I remember right, Sammy/Van Halen union was announced or at least assumed at that year’s Farm Aid concert.

    I remember staying home from school early the next year one winter day so I could hear the new “Van Hagar” tune on the radio, which turned out to be the fairly boring/disappointing “Why Can’t This Be Love.”

    Thanks for taking me back all those years.

  2. You are correct about Farm Aid although not official it may of well been. I laughed my ass off when I saw Sammy in the yellow suit and goof ball haircut sing “why cant this be love” I have since grown to love the Sammy era, 5150 still really does nothing for me, later recordings where a lot better. Glad I could take you back … Enjoy some Van Halen tunes today.

  3. James says:

    Van Halen are awesome, though I don’t like Hagar.

    Did you know they were originally called Mammoth?

  4. Certainly are James … Yep knew that, I have their first demo tape produced by Gene Simmons sounds pretty damn cool.

  5. GuitarShred says:

    Great post and I really like your blog! I’ve bookmarked it on a couple of my social sites. We must be about the same age, as I also went through the traumatic end of the DLR-VH era. To this day, no guitarist gives me as many goose bumps as I get when I hear Eddie wail. I grew to appreciate the Sammy years as they went on and I have to laugh b/c my four year old son’s favorite VH song is “Poundcake.” I have put together a hobby site that highlights some of the better guitar videos I’ve come across…here are the boys live in 1981 playing a killer version of “Hear About It Later” from Fair Warning, which is my favorite VH album of all time:

  6. Shit,thanks for the update Neil, I only got into their early stuff, Eruption rings a bell.

  7. rags847 says:

    VH died in 1985 when they broke up.
    First new VH album since 1984 will be in 2009 or 2010.

    Hagar finally served up some music w/o cheese.
    Checkout the Chickenfoot song “Oh Yeah” and my review of it.

    First Hagar song I don’t hate.

  8. li says:

    Hey there
    Great post , good info
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    if thats ok with you?

  9. leemama says:

    the world is quieter sader more scary and we all realize ha! we re headed for trouble big trouble-and we all want simpler days for me it was he 50’s-60’sfor this generation 80’s.watching VH babd they had fun! smilin” goofing just being cool! and part of VH was DD-david lee roth! long live our memories!! david, live forever! dlr

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