Yallingup Surf Western Australia

Guess it has been a while since I posted an image to the blog. Reason is I have been holding back a few images for the launch of Stage II of Spool Photography Landscapes. Right now there is around 40-50 images ready for the launch and with a little luck with the light I should have another 15 odd to add the the list. Some of the images have been seen before but most have not been seen by anyone, so I am looking forward to stage II becoming a reality.

In the meantime here is an image taken last week down south at Yallingup Beach, a little experiment with light and textures shot with my 70-200 f/2.8 lens. Not quite the right lens, would of liked a little more length and some larger surf. But a good exercise none the less.

With this image I wanted to get as low as I could, see I do not have a surf ski and waterproof housings but I still wanted the effect of looking across the surface of the water into the wave and a cross to the mountains (ok ok hills but I was thinking Maui at the time ) I like the 2 layers of mountains ( hills ) that give the image depth . Longer focal length I may of pulled it off. The dark foreground surface of the surf does still give a little perspective to what I wanted to achieve.

Am I ready for Maui? ALWAYS!


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10 Responses to Yallingup Surf Western Australia

  1. Nice Neal. Like the Hassy crop and the vignette effect too. You should have been over here over the past few days, we’ve had 30foot monsters that were tow in only, amazing.

  2. Thanks Michael, yeah mate of mine lives on the gold coast saying the same.

  3. mervfrench says:

    Thats a nice image Neal, maybe just a touch to sharpe to me if that makes sence, but very nice non the less.

    Would have been a pearler with a bigger swell running.

  4. Thanks Merv, yeah the Jpeg crunch is not good.

  5. i like this Neal!
    the low angle here really has worked well for it!
    very nice

  6. Nice composition and layers Neal! look forward to these images your going to reveal!! 🙂

  7. I think the vignette is a little too intense, in my opinion, but apart from that it’s awesome… I remember you mentioning a visit to the Goldy some time this year, is that still happening?

    • Certainly is Beau, not sure of dates just yet. So far just booked my 2 sydney trips and the Melbourne one. Your neck of the woods is coming 🙂

      Going to try reprocessing it again …. Never really done any vignette work before but found a nice tutorial over the weekend so going to give that a go, and try again.

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