SOLD : Canon 24-70 Lens Sale : SOLD

Wanted One Good Nurturing Home

Canon Lens needs good home, somewhere it will be fed only the best light, taken to the best locations and treated with kid gloves everywhere it goes. This lens has been spoilt rotten over the past 12 months and now knows no other way of being treated. So if you can you can treat this lens well it will treat you well in return.

Complete with lens cap and lens hood, no original box sorry.

Lens Type : Canon 24-70 L f/2.8 lens

I am asking $1100.00. Will including shipping anywhere within Australia.

Pretty much all my images on have been taken with this lens.

Interested parties can either call me on 0406 408 317 or email me at info (@) spoolphotography dot com




Just an update for those still interested. I have sold this lens but transaction is not complete till thursday at which time if it has gone through ok I will list this as sold.

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8 Responses to SOLD : Canon 24-70 Lens Sale : SOLD

  1. mervfrench says:

    Mate don’t do it…you will regret selling it. You may have no use for it now but this lens in your bag will come in handy.

  2. kirkhille says:

    If only i hadnt bough one last month already 😦

  3. I had thought about that Merv, but I have the 16-35 II and the 70-200 f/2.8 so with the 50 I am fully covered …

  4. mervfrench says:

    Don’t say i didn’t tell you…..(:

  5. James says:

    Yeah what merv said, once you get good glass, don’t sell it. It so heavy on my 30d and the focal length is all wrong, but its still a great lens.

    On second thought, you can go an buy a leica lens and get some really sharp shots.

  6. dylanfox says:

    thats a good price mate for a lens i have wanted for a while!
    i wouldnt sell it either! but i dont have the kit you have lol

  7. kirkhille says:

    could sell your car Dylan lol 🙂

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