Central Coast Australia

Just going over some files and refilling and thought why not post a few images as well. So heres one from last year taken while I was in New South Wales. Looking forward to getting back there real soon for 2 weeks of pure shooting …

2 image stitch. Shot taken in landscape mode …


About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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8 Responses to Central Coast Australia

  1. mervfrench says:

    Well thats it then ….you have 3 up, well done, now for tomorrow……….

  2. will see what I can do for you Merv … Last 3 are just left overs that I will submit for the intense entry level to ASP … Wish me luck 🙂

    But now its time for a little “Northern Exposure”

  3. Chizzy says:

    Hi Neal, this is a great shot, the rest of your work is really top notch. About me: I haven’t got a blog yet, but i’ve been gearing up with the 5DmII, and some lenses, so i’ve only been a pretty handy happy snapper so far. New camera makes me have to upgrade the computer and wondering whether to go a Mac or stay with PC. hhmmmm. So I heard you all off on the southern safari. Any room for one more.

    Oh, and on a technical note, your profile still says you use a 24-70, but we all know you sold it and now use that little 50mm gun (written with envy all over the ink).

    Craig Chiswell

  4. Kirk Hille says:

    still a nice shot mate even if it is going to be used for stock 3 posts in one day 🙂

  5. Thanks Chizzy, I should update that page now.

    Thanks Kirk ….

  6. nice one again Neal…
    gota love the little waterfalls that form on the rock ledges in these locations.

    i got a bit of catching up with your posts with you posting like this!! 🙂

    hope you get heaps on your trip.

  7. mattlauder says:

    Nice shot Neil… love the wave curl on the left. Not sure if you know or can remember but this is Forresters Beach.

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