Karri Valley

Taken on a recent trip to Western Australia’s South. We only had the chance to spend 1 day in the Karri Valley region of Western Australia, and this day they had calm burns so it was pretty much just a day of scouting for a near future trip.

I love taking this simple shots, all I had to do was wait for the ducks to stop stirring up the lake and a few paddlers to tie up and then just wait and hope the smoke never became to strong, it did a little later on.

Looking forward to spending more time in this region of Western Australia.

7 image stitch taken at 70mm which came out at 78 inches long.
The detail is amazing at full size with each leaf defined.


About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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5 Responses to Karri Valley

  1. mervfrench says:

    Nice ….very nice in fact.

  2. sounds like the calm burns followed yus round!
    very nice shot.
    love those greens.
    worth the wait for things to settle down on the lake!

  3. like it a lot Neal, dark and mysterious

  4. Thanks Stephen – Looking forward to getting back there already, just need so rain.

    Thanks CF … I saw your deck chairs, but was to busy chatting to a local round the BBQ eating his prawns and my steak to set up a shot, really cool night by the lake to end the trip.

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