Esperance Coastline

Driving along one early evening looking for somewhere to shoot, we found this gem of a spot. Before the van could pull up in the car park, I had the camera bag on and tripod in hand. As we came to a rolling stop the side door was open and I was gone. Being the first beach I had shot in Esperance I was very eager to get out and shoot something, anything more interesting than the Perth Beaches.

I wish we had found this beach around 30-40 mins earlier so I would of had time to scout some POV for an evening shoot. We did pass this beach one early morning and the light was very different.

I took as many POV of this beach in what little time I had, you will be seeing more from this gem of a beach over the next few days.

Easily my favorite spot in Esperance 5 image stitch, the 6 on the right would just line up 😦

Esperance Coastline

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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6 Responses to Esperance Coastline

  1. yup that’s the one. 🙂
    love the rocks man, beautiful blues in sky and water too.
    really like this one

  2. Very nice. Good hues, like the textures in the rock. That yellow sign draws my eye though, death by cloning perhaps? 😀

  3. thomasparkes says:

    Very neat, great series of images so far, getting some lovely results. Good work. I am quite envious about your water stitching, awesome work.

  4. Ah West Beach, one of the first stops on my road trip from Perth to Gold Coast and probably my favourite beach in Australia. I’m with Flem in regards to the sign. Looking forward to seeing more…

  5. Thanks Stephen

    Thanks Flem – Death by cloning, but there would no lifejacket then to save me from the freak waves 😉

    Thanks Thomas – No secret, clone in stages. If there is a better way I am all ears … anyone?

    Thanks Beau – I could be coming your way real soon .. where has your blog gone?

  6. Dylan Fox says:

    Very nice mate! Upholding the spoolphotography standards for sure!
    I have a couple shots on the blog and will be posting at least one a day for a while from here on in!

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