Giant Sequoias

A blast from the past. Been holding on to this image for near on 12 months, why I have no idea. It’s one of my favorite from the trip last year to the USA. After processing this image I folded it away and thought I’d post this on my next post. Well maybe 100 posts later here it is. I actually came across it a couple of weeks back while going over files for Australia Stock Photos and said to myself as soon as I get back its going up. So after the initial burst of Esperance pics I thought time to dig out this gem and post.

The Giant Sequoias Of Mariposa Grove just inside Yosemite National Park. Some of these trees are 4,600 years old and the trunks are the size of homes. So amazing to be up close with them. There is a certain feeling you get being right next to something that still living after 4,600 years and so damn HUGE.

Anyone up for a trip back to Northern California I know a ton of great locations I’d still like to shoot next time round.

4 image stitch

Giant Sequoias

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11 Responses to Giant Sequoias

  1. mervfrench says:

    I thought that was Pemberton at first glance , but the fir trees(?) in the background soon gave it away….interesting.

  2. Yep could be Pemberton although those trucks are huge and the firs give it away, I think they are Douglas fir’s could be wrong though. Back to the Great Southern tomorrow. so much more to go through …

  3. Rod Thomas says:

    I am up for a trip… while we are there though, can we also do Grand Tetons and Zion Natl Parks mate… I fell in love with Zion last year when I was there and in particular a hike to a place called ” The Subway ” approx 10 hours but so much fun……

    Will need osme time to talk the wife around it though mate, but it can be achieved with a little effort ! ! !

  4. I am thinking of a September/October 2010 trip to take advantage of the fall colours and first snows. Yes I intend to do the Canyonlands and Northern California, the Tetons would be awesome, how i could factor that in I am not sure as yet.

  5. wow what stunning trees!
    very nice shot

  6. Luke Austin says:

    Amazing shot Neal. Extremely impressive creations.
    I am without a doubt keen to meet up to shoot northern california. I am going to do it at some point. Why not then.

  7. Thanks Stephen

    Thanks Luke … Its a date, we’ll talk as it get closer.

  8. kirkhille says:

    Great shot Neal , those trees are extremely massive make our look like little twiggs

  9. Thanks Kirk – There is not many left of the really big ones. There is a nice grove of a few pretty close to San Francisco.

  10. Tony Middleton says:

    Fantastic image Neal ! great colour saturation and a powerful image – well done 🙂

  11. Matt Lauder says:

    Very special shot… awesome tones, colour and detail. I can see why you held onto it for so long.

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