Mindarie Keys

A few weeks back we experienced a late season summer storm come in from the north. Watching the clouds all afternoon and feeling the humidity something was going to happen. So I ventured up Mindarie Keys just north or Perth, Western Australia. Any further south and the effect of the thunderstorm would of been a lot less. I would of liked to be further up, but really there is nothing on the coast up there to shoot. So mindarie it was.

Heres the pic, a bout 2 mins later it turned grey to black very fast and came down buckets …. I love tropical weather. Hot and wet 😉

mindariekeysstormI need one of these over Sugarloaf, Canal Rocks or pretty much anything 3 hours south of Perth

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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12 Responses to Mindarie Keys

  1. dylanfox says:

    great colours
    it would be awesome to get this everytime down south

  2. chloë says:

    that’s perfection, wow

  3. michaelolive says:

    Great colours Neal, I think you have made the most of the composition here it looks great. This storm just about anywhere would transform an image. Great timing.

  4. Cain Doherty says:

    that’s some brilliant light – amazing how calm the water is – Mindarie Keys looks oblivious to the approaching onslaght

  5. Thanks Dylan – One day we’ll score CF light down south, I can feel it coming:)

    Thanks Chloe for stopping by and your comment, just browsed over your blog, you have some really nice captures on there.

    Thanks Michael – The location of the storm left me with little room for other POV, most of the hotel itself was in darkness. I got lucky with the colors, a few longer exposures I took blew out the light was so intense.

    Thanks Cain – I wish I shot more in light even half this nice … I guess I just need to be out there more. Heres hoping the East coast of Oz turns it on in a few short weeks. Cheers

  6. wow very Nice Light there wish we had more of that haha, nice shot of Mindarie too not easy spot to get a good shot.

  7. Kirk Hille says:

    Very nice Neal ,
    Looks like it was some amazing light there
    Like the composition works well

  8. Thanks William – Mindarie is not one of the most scenic of harbors …

    Thanks Kirk … This is the final image of the ones I was showing you on the back of the camera last week.

  9. mattlauder says:

    Wow Neil.. that is some amazing light. Storm lighting is the best.

  10. mervfrench says:

    Hey ..what happened to the hamburger header?

    I was gunna ask the story behind the hamburger shot.

    Any progress on that pic and tute for me ? (:

  11. Howdy Merv, have not forgotten your pic, just between being laid up with a jarred back for a week and downright lazyness the following week, its coming 🙂 ….

    The burger, well I was just craving one the other day and whacked it up for laugh.

  12. mervfrench says:

    Looked good to me …I was craving after seeing it . I’m a sucker for a good burger.

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