Muir Woods

Long time no posts … Just been processing and processing and more processing of late and I had a consignment job to complete for the State Government that took up my photography time for around a week or so. But we should be back to posting on a regular basis soon with images from the great Southern Region and with my trip to New South Wales coming up I am looking forward to posting some new locations.

First up is a little stitch job of Muir Woods just outside of San Francisco. If you are visiting this area one would be forewarned to go during the week and early in the day, the tour buses are a nightmare and parking is near impossible, the second time we went back we got lucky with a parking spot although we had to wait to get out of the car as a mother deer and her young where hell bent on poking their heads through my drivers window to see what we had inside.

Also the State Parks like this and around 220 other may be closed throughout California due to the State going broke through extreme mismanagement of its budget through spending way more than it takes in. What a disaster that would be, could this be a premise to what may happen to the rest of the country seeing as though the federal government is now spending vastly more than it can afford. One should hope certain folks come to there senses. No one wants to see the 8th largest economy (California) and biggest economy (USA) on the planet go broke, we will all feel it, even this far away … Are your freakin listening Rudd and Swan … Enough with all the spending what we do not have.

Ok rant over  …. for now  …

heres the pick …


About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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2 Responses to Muir Woods

  1. Julie Fox says:

    Just beautiful composition, Neal. I love the filtered sunlight coming through the woods and the way the fallen branches lead your eye towards the pathway into the woods.

  2. Thanks Julie for stopping by and commenting on my image. While the light was not quite perfect I still find this shot appealing to myself.

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