Twilight Cove Esperance

Another set of images stitched from my recent trip to Esperance back in May.

Twilight Cove Esperance as the name suggests comes to life at twilight and after dark when there is a full moon. Because of the location of this cove, the sun sets behind you, over the ocean, but looking out over the cove there is also ocean with no sunset just a moon rise, strange for a Perthite to witness and comprehend …

On this night we camped at the beach thus the name of the image as the Maui van was our hotel for 10 days. After taking a few sunset shots, we retreated to the van for food and a little red wine (myself). Stepping back out the van with wine bottle in hand I saw that the moon was up and it was freakin bright, getting the crew back on there feet we went back out for another shoot this time by moonlight.

With the full moonish we witnessed the rocks light up like a christmas tree, with the very light cloud cover diffusing the light and seemingly spreading it evenly throughout the cove all while lighting up the rims of the rocks brilliantly, you could not ask for more, well maybe more  red wine to help me sleep (Jamie and Kirk snore in tandem). Tried some light painting and shot a ton of images. Looking over them today this series of 7 caught my attention first to process and post for the blog. Hope you enjoy …

twilight cove esperance

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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24 Responses to Twilight Cove Esperance

  1. yeah very nice Neal.
    the more red wine request probably is all you could ask for more of.
    lovely light, and amazing blues!

  2. Thanks Steve … The waters down there are the bluest I have ever seen …

  3. thomasparkes says:

    Blows my mind, I really love it.
    Just with that I’d remove the orange buoy’s and the power pole/street light and add it to your limited edition.

    Great work.

  4. Thanks Thomas .. I should remove that Buoy your right … Not sure where the power pole and street light is that your talking about ?

  5. sweet shot Neal, those rocks are very unusual looking! I didnt even see the buoy I think he means that bit of light right of the buoy, that water is blue!!!!

  6. thomasparkes says:

    To the left of the big rock, I cannot tell from the resolution, could even be a wind turbine.

  7. like it mate, some of the best stuff happens on a moonlit night! Hope you guys didn’t get romantic!! hehe

  8. Thanks William

    I see what you are looking at Thomas, and yes it is a wind turbine … I really should of shot this beach at 70-100mm thinking about it now and not 50 …

    Thanks Christian – Still amazed at the step forward to mrk II is over the mrk I with the blues, just processing a shot from earlier this evening and the blues are just killer … will post on the blog soon, only shot it this evening …

  9. Tony Middleton says:

    top image Neal ! love the shimmering light and the water ! The bouy did catch my eye and if it was removed the image would be even greater !

  10. Thanks Tony … The Buoys going …

  11. mervfrench says:

    Very nice Neal.

    Seeing as most others have picked out something, I’d like to run the image past Flemming cause it doesn’t look quite level to me, and there’s another buoy in front of the rock on the right.

    He..he..he.. picky lot aren’t we.

  12. Luke Austin says:

    Very nice Neal. Looks like you got some ripper shots while away.

  13. Thanks Luke … Can’t wait for October, then we’ll see some keepers 🙂

  14. kirkhille says:

    Great shot Neal , really like it love the colors and the moon light reflection will have to do some more night time shots one time

  15. Hi Neal,

    This photo certainly brings back great memories. Such a nice night with the full moon as you said. I certainly think if I was to go back to Esperance I’d spend a lot more time around town and Cape Arid than I would Cape Le Grand.

    Me snore? I’ve never heard myself snoring so it couldn’t be me! 😉

    Jamie Paterson

  16. Ilya Genkin says:

    Fantastic photo, Neal! Love this day-look view.

  17. Thanks Kirk … AI have a few from the night in lucky bay when I made you run around lighting up different rocks :O

    Thanks Ilya, i over exposed it a couple of stops but had to crop the moon out as it became blurred and too overexposed …

    Thanks jamie … yes you snore … would love to see more of our trip pics from your camera, the few I saw on the back of the camera had really cool colours …

  18. Andrew Brown says:

    Awesome image, like your work Neal.

  19. Thanks Andrew …. And thanks for stopping by …

  20. truenorthmark says:

    Yep that’s a cracker mate!

    Well done! It is a nice part of the world down there eh!

    I must get back there. Haven’t been there for some years now.



  21. Thanks Mark. I would like to spend more time down and around the town of esperance proper next time …

  22. Jim Allen says:

    I just love the stitch images and the whole presentation that goes with it.
    Very beautiful and quiet which resonates for me.

    Jim Allen

  23. Lyndall says:

    Wonderful photos! We are getting married at Twilight Cove in 4 weeks! Hopefully the weather is nice so everyone can enjoy the beautiful beaches around Esperance!

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