Karri Forest Western Australia

Another image from my 10 day tour of Western Australia’s great Southern Region, this time from the Karri Forest region. Taken on the last evening before our trip back while waiting for the smoke haze to clear (calm burn offs) from my primary shot directly behind this shot. In the end well today after looking at both shots I took that evening, I prefer this one …

* Note to self with continual reminder – move around and turn around at every location

Karri Forest Western Australia

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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10 Responses to Karri Forest Western Australia

  1. Always look behind you is good advice in photography as well 🙂

    These are some gorgeous tree trunks, perhaps for me it would be even better with less green leaves as it makes it just a bit cluttered (to my eyes).

  2. Hi Neal,

    I think your advice on doing a 180 is so true. These days once I’ve picked my spot and setup I always turn around to look behind me just in case I missed something.

    Jamie Paterson

  3. Thanks Flem – Kirk was around and he is known to prune obstructing views, i should of had him on the case … I kind of like the leaves gives depth, texture and a sense of movement …

    Thanks Jamie – Do you like the image?

  4. Yes I like the image its fantastic and yes I’m kicking myself for staying warm in the van instead of heading outside! I like all the green because half of the year in Australia we get nothing buy dry colours.

  5. Nice shot Neal, good to see people different takes on the Karri Forrests.

  6. Thanks William … We could all just about take the same pic and come away with some a little different, I guess it is how we interpret what we see or even see the opportunity …

  7. Clint Baker says:

    very very nice mate….. hoping to have a shot ready soon so keep an eye out haha

  8. Thanks Clint, looking forward to it …. Hope the horizon is straight what will all the drinking I read your doing ….

  9. katieleigh says:

    this looks just like a painting

  10. Thanks Katie, I tried to give it more depth by softening the image …

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