Blue Mountains Sunset Video, NSW Australia

As some may know I have been shooting in NSW for the past 10 days or so. Visited many new locations and some familiar ones. Shooting morning and night and sometimes all day long depending on location and light.

Today after pretty much running on full speed for 10 days I was finding my 4 plus hr hike of the national trail at the Blue Mountains DAMN hard. So many VERY steep stairs either up or down most times at  INSANE angles with sheer cliff drops on one side and or a low hanging cliff ledge that even a short ass like myself has to duck down to pass. Trips down very hard on the knees, trip back up FREAKIN CALF BURING LUNG BUILDING SHIT!

I have no idea of the length of the hike, I just know it was great prep for the hikes I will be taking in Yosemite National Park later this year ….

I made it and thank god there was a cafe as soon as I came up …. I was so freakin hungry I ate 2 main course meals without taking a breath … Then took a drive for tomorrow mornings shoot at 5.30am before heading to the evening location scouted earlier …

Which is where this short vid was taken … Nothing fancy, just press the button and record and then load up. I have no real idea on vid processing ……. Needless to sat I shot the this location from many different angles and tracks on more than one occasion …

ok nuff banter me the vid?

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10 Responses to Blue Mountains Sunset Video, NSW Australia

  1. thomasparkes says:

    Where’s the commentary? Should have done something with an Attenborough impersonation.

    Looks like great country up there, reminds me of Morton NP near Ulladulla.

  2. hehe toughen up princess!
    there’s much tougher walks around that joint! 😛

    spent a lot of my younger years walkin this place with my gran- who at 72 (now) still bloody goes like anybody hey- she’s incredible! every time i’m in Sydney I make sure I head up here, one of many places I just can’t get enough of.

    really looking forward to the images you’ll get from here man. as i said, i luv this place. so can’t wait to see it through your eyes and images 🙂

  3. Matt Lauder says:

    Govetts Leap is a great place. Nice to see it on sunset. Might have to shoot it at that time when I am up there this month.

  4. Andrew Brown says:

    Can’t get sick of looking at that.

  5. mervfrench says:

    Is that a video pano ? ……..(:

  6. kirkhille says:

    Nice video neal looks like you had some nice cloud cover while you where over there , bet it would have been dam cold but as was dam cold in Melbourne

  7. Christian says:

    jeepers we are all over the country aren’t we. Good to hear you have got some good light Neal. Did you go to Canyon ?

  8. Certainly did Christian … Second half of the year is pretty intense …

  9. brentbat says:

    Hey Neal… yeah I think I forgot to mention to you that the National Pass hike is a good workout. I figured if I had of said something like that you might have wimped out. 🙂

    It’s a pretty amazing hike isn’t it!!!

    Look forward to seeing the processed images.


  10. yeah its a hell of a hike with a full camera backpack and tripod … Next time I will leave the 70-200 lens behind as that may lesson the load in the back pack hiking round that trail …. Stunning vistas from it. WOuld be nice to hike and camp over that trail for a few days to take advantage of the golden hour light at some of the vistas. Doing it in one day most of the hike is done in the harse mid morning and afternoon light.

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