Sydney Sunrise

Well the Sydney, NSW photographic journey is almost over. Last shoot was this morning. Woke up to a city shrouded in heavy fog and standing right underneath the Harbor Bridge I still could not see it. Being on 5am still I waited for it to lift. While waiting I wondered as far towards Kirrabilli House as I could, i hear there’s a pool there if you jump the fence 🙂 passed a tall thin very pale woman taking her morning run I guess either with her personal trainer or body guard, my bet he was the body guard he looked stressed keeping up with the woman and looked more like a line backer than a distance runner. Can’t be sure but i would hazard a guess the woman is loaded $$$ and married to a country music singer last I heard …

Once the fog lifted a little Sydney revealed some nice clouds and with the light bouncing off the Opera House and Bridge it was time to shoot. With a little luck these images stitch up well, fingers crossed … After the sun had risen more cloud seemed to roll in so I took a walk to lavender Bay to shoot from that direction. Sydney is such a picturesque city with so many vantage points with 2 or 3 great landmark focal points one has so many options to shoot from many locations …

In my time in NSW I travelled around 1500kms from the Central coast out to the Blue Mountains down to as far south as Maroubra or there abouts with Brent with a few days spent in the CBD area.

Thinking back over the trip I don’t think there was much more I could have fit in and shot and I look forward to processing a lot of images over the coming weeks and months to add to the portfolio and to post here on the blog … Many hours of research went into this trip and I was lucky enough to strike some nice light on more than one occasion. Not sure where I will start on the processing but I am quite excited about a beach location I have been wanting to visit for a couple of years and some of the waterfalls I managed to visit … Thanks again to Brent Pearson for the time he spent with me. I learned a few things in the management and processing aspect of photography. Brent must be the most passionate photographer I have met. Cheers Brent 🙂

Next up for me is California and I can’t freakin wait … I have researched some amazing locations and have the good fortune to be shooting with two local photographers while I am there that I greatly admire, more on that as it happens. As for right now I need to pack and head off to another stinking airport and fly home to my girls who I have missed greatly …

adios for now 😉


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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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5 Responses to Sydney Sunrise

  1. Fantastic story Neal sounds like you’ve probably captured some amazing stuff. I’m sure all of us here can’t wait to see them. I love anything to do with Sydney.

    See you when you get back.


  2. Luke Austin says:

    Good to hear you had a productive trip. As always I look forward to your images. Yosemite is just around the corner, you must be excited.

  3. I hope i did mr paterson, never really know till the real work begins … Sydney is cool, bu would so much rather be in maui right now …

    thanks luke, yes not too long now, you still have time to drive down and meet us, i am staying inside the park on the valley floor at the lodge which means all i have to do it open the front door and Bridalveil Fall is right smack in front of me …. so tempting 😉

  4. mervfrench says:

    You should have snapped that country singers wife…… you could have retired !!

  5. That would of been nice Merv, but the male runner was too concern with eye balling me … must of been the dark clothes, dark beanie pulled right over my head and dark wrap round sunnies when it was pitch black that had him concerned …

    I gotta stop looking like a mugger in the mornings when I shoot … On the other hand it does keep the crazies away …

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