Sydney Airport Bored

Waiting waiting waiting and bored, so many folks buying up boxes of those donuts krispy creme, they are not even very good! freakin line must be 20 deep over there for them …

Someone open a freakin window, its so stuffy in here with folks coughing sniffing you name it. Carpet feels tacky, whole place looks a little on the grubby side … Maybe I have been outdoors for to long the last 11 days and cant handle this artificial air and light …

If woolworths advertised anymore in this airport they may as well sell the god damn groceries and change the name to Woolworths Airport not Kingsford Smith … I mean I got it already they offer FF points just spend all your cash with us …. NOT FREAKIN LIKELY!

I gotta go this insane excitement has me nodding off …

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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