Opera House, NSW Australia

Well first off the processing list is an image I guess we have all seen a million times, trouble was I never really had one for the portfolio. I have been asked a few times over the last 12 month if I had any images of this Australian Icon, well now I guess I can answer yes, as I at least have 1 processed with several more to come …

On this morning I could not believe my luck with the light. What started with 4.30am wake up down the far end of Pitt St in complete darkness ended with 3 sets of amazing light changes and one large coffee and sensational toasted egg bacon and cheese from a food stop on circular key nearly 4 hours later with a big ass smile on my face …

What started out as a deep blue morning sky with wispy white clouds lit by an almost full moon turned a sensational light pink color before turning a subtle orange and white. Needless to say being my first morning in Sydney I shot as fast as i could and tried to cover as much ground as well. I must make more cuts and breaks left and right shooting from as many angles as I can think off than Jordan with his tongue out making his way to the hole … it must look very strange to the suits in the morning making there drone ways to work heads hung low coffee in hand dreading their upcoming day, all while watching a semi madman throughly enjoying the chase and rush I get from photography …

Here is a 4 image stitch/blend from the second set of light that morning …

Ok now when does the PGA start Tigers 1 up already and its only the first round šŸ™‚


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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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21 Responses to Opera House, NSW Australia

  1. Ilya Genkin says:

    Very nice photo, Neal. I like this unusual composition and calm colours.
    Really pity we couldn’t meet while you were in Sydney.

  2. Andrew Brown says:

    Nice pastels Neal and simple composition works a treat

  3. Thanks Ilya, I am coming back later this year so we’ll have to organize a couple of shoots …

    Thanks Andrew the pastels are all what nature offered us …

  4. Kirk Hille says:

    Nice shot Neal ,
    Love the colors looks like you had some nice light , every time Iv been to Sydney it hasnt been great light , heading there in September for a couple of days so hopefuly will have some nice light while Im over there

  5. Thanks Kirk .. August seems to be a good month for Sydney, both times I have been in August the light has been very nice … FIngers crossed you score some nice light in september

  6. thomasparkes says:

    Love those warm colours Neal, would look super printed out big.

  7. mervfrench says:

    Nice shot , but I’m not sure about the composition. The house looks a little cramped to me.

  8. Clint Baker says:

    mate veyr very very well done….. reading and looking at this shot makes me want to shoot more !!….. but the light in the greek islands isnt great ill have to wait 10 more days!! keep these shots coming!!

  9. Great capture Neal, one really does need these places in the portfolio and you certainly made sure you got a good one in some awesome nice soft light!

    Only little thing (always a thing isn’t there, otherwise where would the fun in commenting be) is I feel the Opera House is just a bit crammed in. I would like just a bit more space to the left, that is the way the ship is pointing, the sails are pointing and the way the ship is “sailing”, so need some space for it to sail into.

  10. Thanks Thomas – It certainly will …

    Thanks Merv – I’ll see what I can do

    Thanks Clint – So far you have a few nice shots from that area, just shoot more you’ll get more …

    Thanks Flem – Personally I would very much rather not shot made made objects, for one I struggle with composition and secondly they bore me, but as you said you need at least one or two of these in the portfolio … I’ll see what I can do with the 4 images to re look at the left side …

  11. mervfrench says:

    Wouldn’t the “ship” be sailing to the right. The sails are filling from the left.

    But , does it really matter !!!!!!

  12. Neal, I know what you mean, I find man made objects boring but they do sell well. People seem to like images of places they have been and can relate to and a lof of people have visited Sydney, Brisbane etc. No need to change it just ‘cos I said so, was just my opinion šŸ™‚

    Merv, ehhh yeah….if that was real sails then yes, hhahahaha, I reckon you’re right it would sail to the left! I am useless, fairly obvious I am a creature of the desert, not the sea!

  13. Always open to ideas Flem and Merv … I’ll process one if I get time today just for a different point of view, doing Merv’s notes I promised him a lifetime ago and some other notes for an upcoming project some maybe excited about, I know I am …

  14. mervfrench says:

    project sounds interesting ……nothing like a build up.

  15. Michael says:

    Good shot to add to the portfolio and definitely a must shoot location, enjoy processing more of your trip.

  16. Luke Austin says:

    As you said Neal, it’s an image we’ve all seen a million times. But you have succeeded in capturing a unique image. The intentional over exposure works really well, and sets it apart from all other images I have seen of this icon.

  17. Hope so Merv …

    Thanks Michael – I guess the real work starts after the shot is taken, many hours going over files etc …

    Thanks Luke – Any bears yet šŸ™‚

  18. Luke Austin says:

    Haha, I’ve seen a few. But fortunately not while I have been out on my own in the back country. It will happen though.

  19. It surely will Luke … Just remember if its a brown/grizzly PRAY, otherwise your safe … I am looking forward to seeing some in Yosemite on my hikes later this year …

  20. Rod Thomas says:

    Great shot Neal of a much photographed aussie icon. I only live just up the road and still have not got the time to go down there… must do this soon ! !

    How are you liking the 50mm ?

  21. Thanks Rod … Yeah shes a ripper, harder on the focus than the 24-70 though …

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