Blue Mountains Waterfalls NSW Australia

In between folks walking across the cascades to get their photo taken in some stupid vogue pose I managed to snap a 3 image stitch of this gorgeous cascades in the late afternoon golden light …


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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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8 Responses to Blue Mountains Waterfalls NSW Australia

  1. truenorthmark says:

    I like it mate!



  2. Thanks Mark, looks god on a calibrated monitor but when i view this on my lap top it looks a little washed out. Printed it will look nice …

  3. Christian says:

    I like it a lot Neal, lovely light.

  4. Thanks Christian – I like this one a lot myself, looks so much better large and on a calibrated monitor, looks very cold and drab on my lap top screen though. The colours once printed will be very nice and that late afternoon golden glow of the leaves will be so much better than the small jpeg web version ..

  5. Luke Austin says:

    Really like this one Neal. Nice detail and light throughout the scene

  6. sweet Neal! love how the falls keep flowing, light is nice too, I always have trouble with balanced light at waterfalls lol I know what you mean about those people last time I arrived at Hamelin bay to take photos a group of people arrived “adults” and the guys straight away had to climb on top of the wooden thing hah.

  7. Thanks Luke – not often I get to photograph this sort of light with a back drop of nice green scenery.

    Thanks William – I found the waterfalls more challenging than I had envisioned. Pretty happy with the results so far. Plus trying to just do the bare minimum in post production as well, as with my limited knowledge and experience, the less digital darkroom work done the more those ones sell …

  8. nidhi says:

    very nice…i visited blue mountains today…saw the three sisters…walked a lot but dint find lake…where did u find this?

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