Leura Cascades Blue Mountains NSW

On my first trek into the Blue Mountains I hit Leura Cascades as it is just a 2 min stroll from the carpark picnic area. Took a bunch of shots, way too many folks running round and through the cascades and falls, which really bugged me. Maybe its just me but if I am visiting a national park or just nature for that matter, I tend to be quiet and more aware of my surroundings, some just act like they are at the local bar or party with their antics, it really pisses me off. Why come out to nature when your treating it like your local bar, One jackass even left his empty beer can, just tossed it in the creek, PINHEAD!

So I ventured further down the trail and found some really nice little locations after this shoot … I ended up taking a couple vertical shots, a few horizontal panos and some close up angles that may end up as square images that could look nice black and white, we’ll see what happens in the digital darkroom …



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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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7 Responses to Leura Cascades Blue Mountains NSW

  1. Clint Baker says:

    very very very nice mate!!! i love the water it look great!!!……. yer i agree there is alot of pinheads out there
    well done

  2. kirkhille says:

    Love this shot Neal , Love the silkiness of the water over the black . Wish we didn’t have to fly that far to photograph some water falls like this

  3. Thanks Clint – When are you back ?

    Thanks KIrk – Perth is not very high on the landscape list, we really have to drive a min 3hrs to see anything really worth photographing …

  4. truenorthmark says:

    Nice work Neal!

    I like it a lot. I got a few like this in the Kimberley and had a crack at a few different ways at treating the water. I found that darkening the blown out white areas actually showed up some interesting detail within the water itself and on one image enhanced the gold light that was coming in which certainly worked nicely for that particular image.

    Just a thought that could give this image a different look!



  5. Thanks Mark – Would love to get up to the kimberleys one day, maybe next year … I’ll try that suggestion you have given as well …

  6. Totally relate to the pinhead situation. Sometimes I can get so disappointed and discouraged in mankind when I see people like that. Makes you kinda wish some other animal would have prevailed, we are not worthy to inherit this planet with behaviour like that.

    I’m no waterfall man but this one I like because you included the surroundings as well. A waterfall without the environment around it is boring. For some reason though those two vines are distracting, like two wires.

    As the Kimberley, I shot the Mitchell Falls back in May, waterfalls that even I had to love 😀 Will do a post on it when I get to my Australia files soon.

  7. I wanted to go harder on the blog post but toned it down as I am with you on the humanity thoughts, sometimes I see certain folks and give humanity no chance, my dog is better behaved and shows better judgement that some folks I come across …

    Look forward to your Kimberleys shots next year I hope to get up there for a couple of weeks …

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