Blue Mountains Forest Green

During my day hikes through the Blue Mountains between cursing the steep degree of the many staircases one has to use there are many soft landings on the way down that provide so many photo opportunities.

I have no idea where or what trail this shot was taken, so lets just call it Blue Mountain Greens …

UPDATE RECROP OF FIRST IMAGE :  Decided to go with the 4×5 format for the crop instead. I think it has a much stronger composition now …



And if you have not been to the Blue Mountains before here is a view from on the trail down


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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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9 Responses to Blue Mountains Forest Green

  1. Clint Baker says:

    very very nice stuff mate…. and very sharp too

  2. nice Neal.
    there’s so many cool streams and waterfalls like this.
    as a West Ozzie it’s impossible to not have a weak spot for greens in creek shots i reckon! probably seeing as though there’s usually not green like this around our creeks.

    the second image pretty much sums up that area of the mountains.
    brings back some memories man 🙂

  3. Thanks Clint … not completely satisfied with this image (top) as the bright spots are too bright. Will have to give it another go … Tomorrows post is a lot nicer, but no water but not far from this one … Working on a Yosemite Creek one as I type this 🙂

    Thanks Stephen – Like a kid in a candy shop I was, I shit you not, I was on a freakin high for 10 days straight, what a rush 🙂

  4. Luke Austin says:

    wow, what a shot. Really punchy contrast. The bottom third of the image would work really well as a 3:2 also

  5. Thanks Luke I will look at a cropped version as well, as not being totally sold on the current version … Cya in SF 🙂

    • Thanks Richard … I see you have done many hikes all over the place. I was reading your blog last night and found the Cradle Mountain post very informative as I am about to head out on that trail very soon … Thanks for stopping by and commenting …


  6. Hi Neal, you’re bound to get some brilliant photos in that Cradle Mountain area – though of course anyone’s work there invited comparisons with Peter Dombrovskis, and he is always hard to match!

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