Blue Mountains Australia

Tired and pretty much exhausted carrying a backpack that is way to heavy for hiking and tripod I looked up thinking I must be near the top only to be greeted by yet more stairs to climb. This time however they looked really and I stopped and set up for another image.

Maybe this staircase should be called “Stairway To Heaven” as it sure was for me, cold beer and a meal was consumed in record time for me as soon as I reached the top ….


About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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5 Responses to Blue Mountains Australia

  1. Nice! like the light shining on the stairs in the foreground

  2. Thanks William, its a very cool location ….

  3. more memories 🙂
    very nice!

  4. Thanks Stephen – fast becoming one of my favorite areas in Australia

  5. Parsec says:

    This really is a mystical and ethereal shot. The colors are superb…nice work!

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