Redwood Forest California

Yep I’m on a tear, you get that when the weather is garbage outside and spend a fair chunk of time researching some of the masters photographers out there, looking at their images, reading about what inspires them and what they look for, and look to achieve with each capture, kind of gives you a huge kick in the ass to broaden ones basic knowledge and push even harder. I read just about every post I could find about a certain Adamus, Fletcher, Smith and Oachs over this past week or so, thus leading to a little more time in the digital darkroom than I usually spent. I guess one can thank Brent Pearson for the initial spark, for the little time I spent with him a week or so ago while he was in his digital darkroom really gave me thought. I came away with my mind going “Shit man did you just see what he did!”

Ok enough ramble as I could be “rambling on” (Led Zeppelin) heres another pic … A new web sharpening method used … Not sold on it, but came highly recommended so have to try it out …


About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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2 Responses to Redwood Forest California

  1. passfaster says:

    wow beautiful photo, awesome place , your header is also very nice .

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