Sydney Opera House

As I mentioned in an earlier post late last month I was lucky enough one morning to witness a gorgeous sunrise in downtown Sydney. A sunrise that produced a series of colors before fading to the blue grey by mid morning.

On a previous post I posted an earlier shot moments before sunrise where the sky turned a light fine pink colour. This posting is of the same morning after sunrise when the cloud rolled in heavier, sun was now at least 2 fingers/ 30 mins ( sorry thats how i calculate sunrise and sunset times, 1 finger roughly 15 mins ) above the horizon with striking yellows highlighted but some dark clouds that seems to be closing in from east and west at the same time. Trippy place sydney not seen that before …

I was reminded of this series of images around a week or so ago when one of my all time favorite bands came to Perth after 26 years Queensryche (did not have to travel overseas or interstate to see them for once ) Was humming this tune all day long the following day, thus the title of the image and the name “Spool” came from ….


  • Canon 5D Mrk II
  • f/2.8 70-200
  • Singhray reverse grad
  • 3 Image Stitch @ 200mm
  • F/11
  • 1.6 sec

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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21 Responses to Sydney Opera House

  1. This is the best shot I’ve seen of the opera house. Nothing more I need to say.

  2. James says:

    Nice, when you say fingers I hope you don’t mean vertical ones :).

    All these bands, they are finally coming for the fans, no the money!!!

  3. Cheers Mr Paterson …. Although you could of said your would bake me some cookies …

    Cheers James … LOL, not tried vertical I guess I could use the knuckle joints as 20 minute markers ….

  4. Dev says:

    lovely shot. what focal length did you use for this one?

  5. thomasparkes says:

    Sweet shot Neal,
    This and Matt Lauder’s simple compositions of the opera house are great. 🙂

  6. Kirk Hille says:

    Stunning shot Neal , Heading back over to Sydney in a weeks time hopefully get a couple of shots in while im over there

  7. Thanks Kirk … I sure you will as you are way over due for some killer light in Sydney …

  8. great colour and oh so sharp mate

  9. Cheers CF, strange conditions that morning, well worth the early wake up and cold ass trip down Pitt St …

  10. Clint Baker says:

    very very very nice mate!!! very jealous!!! well done mate im home in 9days so we will have to go for a shoot!!!… waterfalls if there is any

  11. Always up for a shoot Clint … Just hollier when your back …

  12. Ric says:

    Very sharp image as always by this man! The detail in the sails of the Opera House is extraordinary! Also – I love the light kissing the stained glass of the first sail. I agree with Jaime and I’m even prepared to bake you some cookies Neal!!! What flavour you like? Choc Chip?

  13. Thanks Ric .. Choc chip is my fav see you guys in November … I like the light on the glass also as well as just below the first sale, not sure what is inside but looks to be a restaurant or something … So far one of my favorites from the trip

  14. caseysmith says:

    Hey Neil, this would have to be one of the best shots of the Opera House I have seen, its a great shot and well worth the effort of getting it. Lets hope I am as fortunate when I get there in Jan.

  15. Thanks Casey … Jan should be good they get more weather in the summer months … I am back there in December … Can’t wait till I get the opportunity again to visit NSW ….

  16. michaelolive says:

    Neal, I have to agree with the majority here, this is probably the best take I have seen on the Opera House. The colours are amazing, especially that glint of yellow reflecting from the front window. The composition is simple and the detail in the sails is amazing, kind of reminds me of the belly of a crocadile. Awesome!

  17. Thanks MIchael , This image has been printed at a 52*23 inch on cotton rag and is now being framed for display here in Perth. I will not be able to see it myself till I get back. I’ll post info on where it can be viewed when I am back …

    Cheers for stopping by …

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