Bonsai Rock Lake Tahoe

New addition to my personnel favorites page.

This time round it is a stunning image of Bonsai Rock in Lake Tahoe …

Read the full post on Leons image on my Personal Favorites Page


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15 Responses to Bonsai Rock Lake Tahoe

  1. Leon says:

    Thanks a lot, Neal. Looking forward to shooting with you next month.

  2. No problem Leon. So looking forward to hitting those fall Apen colors.
    Also going to have to hit this location as I think last time I was too far south on the lake by the sounds of it …

  3. Casey Smith says:

    Wow this is a great shot isn’t it, great colors and compostion, I can see why it would make your favorites Neil, and how good of you to post it on your blog.

  4. kirkhille says:

    Deffinatly got some nice work Neal , love his waterfall shots . Hopefully when Im at Lake Tohe next year there will be some nice light like this 🙂

  5. Thanks Casey. Tahoe is a really cool place. Great scenery, good food, a rib bbq festival, and a couple of casinos where just about every band comes to play all within a fairly small easily accessible area …. From time to time I like to pick a image I really like and showcase it. I was doing it more often but of late have been a little slack on that side of things …. As I will be shooting with Leon very soon I was just looking over his images getting rev’d up for my trip and came across a couple he has of this particular area on Tahoe I have tried to find on two previous visits … I now know exactly where it is …

    Thanks Kirk …. Hope Sydney’s treating you well … I’m sure you get some amazing sunsets and rises when you are there next year … I’m already thinking about a 2010 trip back … Cya when we are both back in Perth ….

  6. Tony Middleton says:

    It’s a beautiful shot that is for sure… one moment I think the sky is brilliant, then I look at the water and think that is better – all composed wonderfully with those boulders.

  7. Yeah very cool shot by Leon Tony. The water in Lake Tahoe is the clearest I have ever seen. I am hoping I get a little snow when I am there. right now the early morning temps are around the 2-3 degree mark so fingers crossed it gets a little colder and I get some snow …

  8. Nice shot, Lake Tahoe is near Yosemite isnt it?? what kind of weather do you get there during this time of the year??

  9. Tahoe is around a 3hr drive north west of Yosemite. This time of year the weather is quite nice during the day with temps in the mid to high 20’s nights are cold though. a hour ago it was just 1 degree at 6am .. I was there one early summer and had to shovel snow off the car at 4.30am to meet Leon up at Emerald Lookout … I am hoping for a little snow this time around as well, but in I would have to be rather lucky, snow season is really not till late Oct./November … But being the High mountains around 6500-9000 feet you just never know what can happen …

  10. Sounds like a nice time of year to head there! you should get some sweet new shots! are you heading to Yosemite aswell?

  11. Spending 3 days in Lee Vining to catch those fall aspen colours before heading into Yosemite for a few days then up through Tahoe on my way to Mossbrae and Burney Falls …

    I will be trying to document each stop on video and post here on the blog …

  12. Luke Austin says:

    Stunning image, I can see why it is one of your favourites.
    Leon`s guides a extremely helpful, I referred to them when I was in the Columbia Gorge in Oregon. Unfortunately I didn’t get the best conditions but I hope to get back there.

    Looking forward to shooting with you in the states Neal. I expect to have a callus on my trigger finger by the time we leave Yosemite. Not far away now.

  13. Clint Baker says:

    very nice shot i see why its made the page!!….. i have a couple of shots that im hoping will make the page!!! hahah

  14. With the ghost town I have lined up and Len Vining that callus maybe setting in before we even get to Yosemite Luke 🙂

    You back yet Clint ? Get those shots up …

  15. Clint Baker says:

    got in today mate…. ill get to work now then!! haha

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