Central Coast NSW Sunrise

Re Write for the Mervman ….

Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog of late, I have had to spend some time recently outside of the darkroom and inside the running of the business. I have since completed what I set out to do before I leave shortly to capture falls colours so I hope to have another post or 2 before I depart.

I did manage to start looking through some more raw files from my Esperance trip and Sydney trip again and am pleased to see there are more images to come from both trips. I hope to get on to these when I return with a whole bunch of new exciting landscape images to share with the regular blog readers. Finding the time for all this could be harder than I had though as when I get back my time seems to a little thin leading up till Christmas …

But we’ll see, I may just have to limited myself to one 10 min nanna nap per day … But it is NFL and College football season as well … So in reality I’m farked!!!

Working on a couple of new projects that should be quite exciting for 2010. I will also be posting a video dairy of sorts from the locations I shoot on the coming 4 weeks. Lots of very exciting locations, some never traveled before some a revisit with more knowledge and insight into the locations. I’m rev’d to get going, having spent many hours behind google earth and maps working my way through points of interest and routes to take to maximize the time I have on the ground. If all goes well I will be coming home with a fist full of images that can only be captured in a brief window of time each year.

So check back often for the updates I should have a post each day or 2, unless I get lost in the woods and go feral …

Heres is a set of images stitched for the blog … Shot recently With Brent one morning … Man it was hard following him in the dark speeding down that hwy ….

central coast shelf

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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30 Responses to Central Coast NSW Sunrise

  1. mervfrench says:

    Like the shot Neal, you’ve got the sharpening thing happening.

    Couldn’t make much of the first few lines of this post , you care to explain? 🙂

  2. Thanks Merv, Yeah I guess it was pretty much my incoherent late night ramble. I do a re write for ya ….



  3. thomasparkes says:

    Nice work Neal,
    I cannot believe your patience and timing of shots to stitch moving water, your a genius.


  4. Thanks Thomas …. I’m pretty sure its just patience … Choosing which images to use tests my patience a lot more …

  5. kirkhille says:

    nice shot Neal ,
    Have fun on your trip and mark out all the good spots for me 🙂
    Should be a lot warmer when I head over next year

  6. Thanks Kirk
    Yeah it will be warmer … maybe … Next week the forecast is minus 6 so those early morning are going to be freakin cold …
    Look for the wooden pegs with red tape makers LOL 🙂

  7. Great shot Neal, well executed.

  8. Luke Austin says:

    Beautiful image Neal. That stretch of NSW seems a dream for seascape photographers.
    Sounds like you have everything well planned for the trip. It’s going to be a pearler.

  9. Thanks Luke … That stretch of coastline has so many little coves, rock faces and ledges that making a choice of what to photograph is the problem …

    All pretty much good to go … 🙂

  10. Nice water in this shot Neal, I hate stitching water! haha.

  11. Thanks William, this was a rather quick post process. I have another series I think looks a little better after spending a little more time on it …

  12. michaelolive says:

    Another great shot Neal, the rocks are prefectly sharpened and the motion in the water is just right, the perfect shutter speedfor this shot. Man I’ve got to stop being lazy and get up to Sydney more and shooting the area. Enjoy your trip os, very jealous.

  13. very nice as always Neal- i don’t envy you at all with choosing what images to stitch together with your water movement, I struggle enough with mine and they’re only single images haha 😛

    nothing worse then when you see in your mind where you want it to flow etc but it just won’t quite get there in the image.

  14. Thanks Michael, yep you should you’ll have a ball …

    Thanks Stephen – I have plenty of those images Stephen … I took around 25 images of just the water for this shot just to end up using 2, I took just 2 shots for the sky and used both … Water is a long process but worth the extra time ….

  15. Clint Baker says:

    very nice shot mate…. when are u off?? and how long for??

  16. Thanks Clint … Gone for a month to catch the fall colors.

  17. katieleigh says:

    imaculate stitch, i couldn’t fit this all on my screen but as i scrolled down the picture just kept getting better and better (and I already thought the pattern in the clounds was enough to win me over!) very nice shot!

  18. Thanks Kate – Kinda like unwrapping a present 😉

  19. davidbettini says:

    Yep really nice Neal. Your colour management and eye for detail appears second to none! Cheers,

  20. Thanks Dave those are very kind words … See you out there some time in the future.

  21. chloe says:

    the video diaries should be fun & interesting for us to watch; i follow another ‘video-diary’ blog

    i’ve never seen a vertical stitch before, was it a spontaneous shot(?)

  22. Thanks Chloe. yeah I hope I do decent enough video to watch the diary should be interesting as I intend to video every location I shoot.

    I do quite a few vertical stitches. This shot I don’t know if I would call it Spontaneous as I never had it planned before I went down there, but after arriving I did see a few opportunities to take vertical shots. I have another few from this area I’ll post when I get back …

    Cheers for stopping by as well …


  23. truenorthmark says:

    You certainly have a style and a great eye mate!

    Well done and I look fwd to seeing the new work after you up and coming trip.



  24. Cheers and thanks Mark …

  25. nice pic mate, you are going to nail it in the US with those autumn colours, wish I was going with you.

  26. Rod Thomas says:

    Awesome Neal, that place i so cool to photograph. I have only been there once but will be going back soon for sure.. . Enjoy the USA mate, cant wait to see some images

  27. Thanks Rod … Yeah that coastline has a million photo op’s looking forward to getting another crack at it sometime ….

    SHould have an image up soon for ya ….

  28. Parsec says:

    Just fantastic…as usual your images are stunning!

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