Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, between the shitty internet connection here in the Sierra’s and heading out each morning at 5.30 and not getting back till after 8pm each night. Time has been very short to do a post process.

I will get to some soon, hopefully the internet connection in Yosemite is better and does not continually drop out.

Luke is here with us and we have been shooting like mad. Spent this evening shooting Mono Lake what an awesome place to visit, heard Coyotes howling in the distance while we shot. Just Awesome!

Tomorrow morning we head out for a sunrise shoot and a nice spot we found that seems to have been passed by a lot photographers, so we are excited about shooting it in the morning. Then its the Tioga pass into Yosemite as they close the pass later in the day for the winter, its already under snow and they are not ploughing it anymore …

So far I have shot
The Golden Gate from many different vantage points.
The Marin Headlands
Lee Vining and many of its lakes beaver ponds creeks and fall colors too numerous to mention.
Mono Lake

Next stop Yosemite.

The light has been good with so far i absolute stunning sunset over the Sierra’s last night. Weather in the morning has been cold, well not cold … BLOODY FREAKIN COLD! this morning was 15F/-9.5C tomorrow morning should be colder. So far though the days have been warm around the 20-23c but when that sun starts to set, it gets cold with the mornings very cold. Hiking though thick wilderness at -9 while fun and exciting, is taxing as I am always eating trying to stay warm.

Till the next update … cya …

Oh yeah forgot to mention, shot Mono Lake right next to John Sexton …

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8 Responses to Lack of Updates

  1. Luke Austin says:

    Sounds like you are having a great time over there, and getting plenty of shots.
    Wish I was over there…. Oh thats right… I AM! Yeeehaar!

  2. michaelolive says:

    Very jealous Neal, although you can keep those morning temperatures. Look forward to your next update and seeing some photos from the trip.

  3. Michael says:

    Sounds like fun Neal, gotta love new scenery + hope you got some thermals

  4. Christian says:

    mate, I wish I was there shooting with ya, I know Yosemite is going to be unbelievable with snow on the ground! enjoy it mate.

  5. sounds like your having an awesome trip, cant wait to see snow shots!

  6. Sounds like a blast Neal!

    I look fwd to the pics when you get a chance.

    Stay safe mate!



  7. Leon says:

    So you did get to shoot Mono Lake, eh. Was it good?

  8. Leon – Shot Mono one evening, must of been the Sunday, Pretty clear skies that evening but the blues where really nice so I am hoping I captured something nice for the portfolio … Talked to John Sexton that night as he was shooting right next to me with his wife. Very friendly guy, so was his wife …

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