Yosemite National Park

Well I am well and truly in the midst of the trip to photograph some new landscape images for the portfolio at Spool Photography.

Things have gone well so far, although the continual wake up at 5/5.30am is taking its toll, when my eyes first open. I have to remind myself, no pain no gain and once you get to a location you quickly forget about wanting to go back to bed, its just not a option PERIOD!

Below is a pretty simple unedited short video from a spot a few mornings ago. I think most will recognize the location. On this particular morning Luke Austin shot with me, well kinda, he took off to the other side of the meadow and I was on the other so we will have very different pov’s. I think Luke was trying to shot as much as he could before his bus trip home just a few hours later …

Currently I am in Lake Tahoe  for the next few days. Last evening scouted the Bonsai Rock location. On the way back after dark had my first outside of a zoo experience with a Bear(s). Crossing hwy 28 after dark was Mother and cub making their way up the mountain, very very very cool. Sadly no pics as I was driving and had to slow down to let them cross I tried with snap a Iphone pic but shit Apple dropped the ball on the camera in the Iphone, its shocking in low light. This morning I headed up to a familiar spot Emerald Bay, watched another gorgeous sunset over Lake Tahoe with no one around, just me siting on a rock in the wilderness with Eagle Falls and a view overlooking this incredible lake. All one could hear was the morning birds, a deer or 2 in the bush and the waterfall, bliss.

Well we have strekky white clouds starting to appear, so no point sitting here, time to get back out there. You just never know when the next killer shot is, but the location is not sitting in from of a computer ….

Unedited movie

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12 Responses to Yosemite National Park

  1. Gorgeous!!!! Look forward to seeing the results and you (and the Ansel Adams exhibit I saw a few weeks ago) makes me wanna go to Yosemite like right now!

  2. I spent some time in at the Ansel Adams gallery in the park … Very cool to see some of his prints up close and personnel.

    Yosemite over the next week is going to be very good. Cloud is forecast 40-50% cover with light winds ….

  3. Parsec says:

    What an incredible video! Awesome! It’s amazing that the recent storm has caused Yosemite Falls to flow again…we sure got a lot of rain.

  4. looks great man.
    sounds like you’re having a good time. can’t wait to see a stack of new images/posts from you when you have time 🙂

  5. Luke Austin says:

    Cool clip Neal.
    and YEP, I was running around like a mad man. Too much to shoot in too little time.

  6. Thanks all …. Shooting heaps, seeing lots and learning a lot with all the different scenery and light conditions ….

  7. kirkhille says:

    Looks Stunning neal , Almost too good to be true .
    The waterfall sounds like it is in full flow at the moment
    Cant wait to see the shots soon

  8. Would you believe it was bone dry the day we turned up, then it rained all day tuesday and within 6 hours of the rain starting it was flowing again. It quite loud as well. The first day I could not get close because of the spray by the second day it had calmed down enough to get fairly close … Have a ton of images from these falls “Yosemite Falls”

  9. Clint Baker says:

    Wow mate that looks like a bad place too be…. hahah i cant wait to see the shots from there!!!!
    Cheers for the comment aswell… very thankful….

  10. danproud says:

    unedited?! perfect footage! What lense were you shooting with?

  11. No problems Clint …. If I can help just ask …

    Thanks Dan … I know i had a nd grad on and either the 50 or 70-200 on I am not sure, but would lean towards the 50 as I was real close to the falls in the meadow underneath it … Straight from the camera mov file to vimeo and then here … I have no idea on how to edit movies or the time right now ….

  12. Dylan Fox says:

    jealous comes to mind!!
    these videos of these incredible locations inspire me so much and have been itching to get out!!!

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