The Coyote and me

Hiking after dawn around the Marin Headlands I came face to face, well maybe 40 feet away but still close enough that we locked eyes for a few moments.

We being myself and a Coyote … Was one of the most incredible experiences. Just me and not another soul around hiking between hills on the Marin Headlands or so I thought, when two hiking trails crossed and I was face to face with this beautiful animal. We locked eyes for more than a few moments it was incredible not scary at all. Such a calm experience, hard to explain. I guess we just knew each had things to do hat morning, acknowledging that at our brief meeting we carried on our different trails after a few moments. A fair bit bigger than I had thought up close, maybe it was a male?

Having seen countless hours of wildlife doco’s to actually see one with more than just a fleeting glance was incredible. Shot some pics of the majestic animal with my 200mm but by the time I lowered my camera bag slowly and quietly, removed the camera and changed lens and changed it was some 400 feet away maybe more. I shot a bunch of pics will have to see how a cropped version comes on. At one point it when it was almost out of view it turned around and sat, looked back in my direction and then was off into the trees …

I can definitely see how some photographers get hooked on wildlife photography ...

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8 Responses to The Coyote and me

  1. truenorthmark says:

    Great story mate!

    I introduced CF to some wildlife photigraphy on True North and he has been hooked ever since. I reckon the attraction is that unlike landscape photogrpahy where you have to sit and look and work out the angle etc etc, Everything happens so fast with Wildlife stuff and you never ever have the right lense on eh!!

    Stay safe mate.



  2. Cheers Mark … I have a facination with wildlife, I guess i get it from my grandfather, and watch anything and everything on discovery etc … Zoo’s are nice and all, but to actually see one doing its morning rounds was special … Plus being a HUGE dog lover, it was all the more special to me as they communicate so well with their facial expressions.

    I was hoping to see one tonight when I was back up there, but no luck, just plenty of mule deer and a pretty nice sunset …

  3. James says:

    Coyote ate my camera!

  4. yep I got hooked on the True North trip with Markie swinging his 28 to 300 all over the place. I met up with a coyote myself but he was only a few meters from me and I had a can of Bear spray pointed at him, ready to unload it if he had any funny ideas.
    Was cool though

  5. Leon says:

    Good thing it wasn’t a mountain lion! (that’s what happened to me once)

  6. I wish it was closer James so it had a chance …

    Sure is fun Christian …

    Oh Man that would of been so cool Leon … Can not wait to post process my images, Silver Lake and the Cascades should come out nice …

  7. Luke Austin says:

    Nice new header mate, a little taste of what`s to come

  8. Cheers Luke … Yeah had to get started could not wait any longer … Header was shot at 140mm 11 images stitched … simple edit nothing really done besides a little curves … Will post a proper image soon … Bout time we saw a moose image of yours no 🙂

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