Large Prints Of Californian Waterfalls

Californian Waterfall Prints

Q. Well what do you photograph after photographing the most beautiful place you have ever photographed ?

A. First you drive around 60 miles before shooting a snow capped mountain against white clouds, take a power nap in the front seat of the car a long side the road just after midday. Then drive a further 30 or 40 miles to another waterfall and shoot the shit outta that one, before driving a further 50 miles for a feed and a motel room sleep.

What a freakin day, I saw no one at the first stop at the dawn shoot, 2 folks at lunch (both inside Burger Barn), no one along the side of the road where I napped and only 2 folks at these waterfalls with just a hand full of cars on the road the whole time … Yet I must of seen 3 of the most amazing scenes all day.

Heres a place that when I arrived from the top rim ( image coming ) looked a shit load like Danger Falls in NSW, then I trekked down and saw it was quite different. Another spring feed falls that would easily be a 150-200 feet high and maybe 400 or more feet wide. And just 2 million years old, The basalt is so soft that the falls will be 100 feet further back in just the next decade or two. Just 2 million years ago it was half a mile further down stream, blow my mind when I think of numbers like that ….

I love the effect of the falls seeping through the cracks of the volcanic rock to provide a almost soft curtain effect, 100 million gallons of fresh water flow over these falls every day, yet it is somewhat quiet and peaceful at these falls with little or no spray that is always a problem when shooting falls *insert Bridalveil Falls Yosemite* I was told about the circular wind that plays havoc with photographing these falls but I must of got lucky that afternoon/evening as there was no wind at all.

This puppy is going to print up so nice at 90 or more inches

Californian Waterfalls

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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15 Responses to Large Prints Of Californian Waterfalls

  1. Levi Buzolic says:

    This looks awesome Neal, would love to see a massive print of it sometime! Have to say I’m very jealous, seems WA (apart from the far north) is seriously lacking in decent waterfalls. (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Levi, glad you like the image … I’ll bring a couple of large prints around before the 25th as I am sure I’ll be catching up with you and Dave real soon 🙂

    I think your right unless we drive up north there is really nothing down this way … I do know of one that is quite nice but I’ll have to wait till next winter to photograph it …

  3. great shot Neal, that header is freakin awesome. Better than Likkys I think.

  4. Ta Christian – was not overly a fan of Likkys … The header is a rough edit of a series, still undecided on what series to use, but will post the final one here … Its an awesome place …

  5. Julie Fox says:

    Yep, this is the shot I am totally in love with – don’t care how many thousands more photos you took, THIS IS IT! Just magic! Well, of course I do care, and can’t wait to see them all, but if you had stopped here you could die a happy man 🙂

  6. Luke Austin says:

    Clearly well worth the drive. Sounds like it was a magic day.

  7. Cheers Luke …. Sure was …

  8. kirkhille says:

    Bloody big water falls Neal .
    Nice shot as well

  9. Rod Thomas says:

    Looks amazing Neal, well done mate. Where was that burger place again ?

  10. Rod Thomas says:

    Oh, and im with Christian…. its way better than that other guys huh.. .whats his name again ?

  11. Thanks Rod, little town called dunsmuir middle of nowhere. Thanks I like it better than that other guys but then I’m biased 🙂

  12. Leon says:

    Excellent shot of Burney, Neal. It is precisely 99 ft. high, according to Leon’s measurement 😉

  13. Thanks Leon, I forgot about your measuring gismoyou have.

  14. Steph says:

    The crop seems a bit tight towards the bottom. As my eye is drawn to the main waterfall and then to the left down the bottom of the rock, I would have liked to see the white water surrounded by some blue rather than just framing so that the white water is cut in half. Beautiful waterfall though.

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