Mossbrea Falls Prints

Recently had the pleasure of shooting with one of my favorite photographers, Brian Rueb. While I had been reading and checking out his work for some years now, being on shoot with him was like being in one of his little adventure stories.

Finishing up a morning shoot and breakfast of french toast, bacon, eggs, biscuits and chicken apple sausage at Lake Tahoe, I knew I had a long long drive in front of me. Around a hour or so round the south west side of the Lake, up over Donna Summit, through a hand full of small downs on back roads before hitting the interstate 5 for a 3 hour trek north to dump my bags and drive around another hour to the shoot location. What I did not plan on was a snow storm on the way up and over Donna Summit. Hairy shit when a large haul truck jackknifes in front of you on icy roads … This snow storm and reduced speed easily added for a couple of hours to the trip so starting out round 9am and arriving at the location shoot at 4.45pm when I should of been in the location at least 2 hours earlier made for a mad rush.

Arriving at Redding round 3.30pm I basically just found the first hotel by the freeway, drove in threw my bags in the room and took off. I had no time to spare and at least another 50 miles up the road to go …

In the end I arrived just about on time to meet Brian and his two boys waiting my the train tracks. After about a 1.3 mile hike in we arrive at what I can only saw was a location that blew my mind in its beauty, the fall colors, the gentle waterfalls and the quiet peaceful nature of the whole place. We shot for around 2 hours before light was fading and we had to make out 1.3 mile hike back … Brian it was an absolute pleasure to meet and shoot with you, I know we’ll hit another location sometime in the not to distant future.

Below is a 6 image stitch taken at 140mm of the smaller section of the falls. I liked this area because of the greenery and light mist that was playing through the falls and leaves. I tried to capture a few falling fall color leaves but they never showed up in the final captures …


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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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9 Responses to Mossbrea Falls Prints

  1. thomasparkes says:

    Neat as Neal, lovely capture.

  2. Rod Thomas says:

    Another awesome image mate… I cant wait to see the rest of them once u get round to it…… Very nice mate

  3. Thanks Thomas

    Thanks Rod – could be a while I hope to have many as I shot over 8000 frames.

  4. kirkhille says:

    Stunning Neal Love this shot , cant wait to see the rest

  5. mervfrench says:

    Nice … is that 8000 for the trip , thought you may have snapped a few more than that.

  6. Julie Fox says:

    Well no wonder your work is of such a high standard Neal – you certainly suffer for your art! I’ll remember this next time I’m too lazy to get up for that sunrise etc. Beautiful work – just breathtaking 🙂

  7. That is quite awesome Neal, really has a special ‘life’ quality to it richness in water, leaves, colours etc.

  8. Thanks Flem – Its almost has a rich northern rain forest feel to the place.

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