Yosemite Canyon Wall Prints

After The Rains

Arriving to a somewhat dry Yosemite National Park, we experienced a day of continual rain none stop rain from 5.30am till after 6pm. While a day was lost to photographic opportunities, the BIG FAT UPSIDE was the day after the rains the waterfalls, creeks and rivers where running at good heights and the photo ops went through the roof. Needless to say Luke and Myself when absolutely banana’s shooting for the next few days … With so much stunning scenery surrounding you, you just want to capture every possible vantage point, regardless if they make it to a portfolio or not, in the end I really only care enough to take the images I will in years to come remind me of memories of a stunning place.

Heres my attempt and capturing the grandeur of the valley walls that rise all around you.

Borrowed 300mm lens with 1.4 shot at 420mm, Thanks Mark


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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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14 Responses to Yosemite Canyon Wall Prints

  1. Luke Austin says:

    I really like this image Neal. It came up a treat. I wish I could have got in this close but unfortunately I could use the lens you borrowed! That was one time I wished I shot Canon and not Nikon.

  2. Thanks Luke – and the only time as well LOL … I learnt my lesson last time not taking the 200mm so while it weighs the backpack down, you need at least a 200 in that park.

    How are you going on the target goal of 60 buddy …. You know I am going to hound the shit outta you … More folks need to see what you have tucked away in raw files …

  3. gdanmitchell says:

    Hey, last year on the first weekend of November I was there while it rained for more than two days straight. I went right out into it – being careful with my gear of course – and found shooting IN the rain the Valley to be one of the most incredible photography experiences I’ve had!

    Love the El Cap shot.


  4. Cheers Dan, I tried a couple of times to shoot in the rain but failed not having the right weather camera gear. Glad you like the pic, awesome to have someone of your calibre stop by for a look and comment

  5. Very nice moody capture here Neal, like it a lot – looks great in bw!

  6. Thanks Flem – I was surprised how well it turned out having not use anything more than a 200mm before that I processed a few other images from that morning. Pleased to say a few quite nice ones came from that shoot …

  7. Leon says:

    Fantastic, Neal. You were there at the perfect time, right after that big rain storm. It doesn’t usually rain in October so that was a great blessing for sure. Too bad I wasn’t there with ya.

  8. Thanks Leon … It sure was a blessing as when I first arrived the park looked somewhat dry, that all changed within 24 hours …

    Next time for sure 🙂

  9. truenorthmark says:

    I like em all Neal!

    Will have to come with you one year and give you some company!



  10. Cheers Mark
    see you when your back, enjoy your time as I know you will.

  11. Mark says:

    Neal, awesome photo of El Capitan. I stood there for an hour with you, loaned you my 300 2.8 and never saw that waterfall. Maybe my old, middle-aged eyes were overwhelmed by the beauty of Yosemite, or you are just a really great photographer. I think it is all of the above.

  12. Cheers Mark glad you like the image. Was crazy how in such a big park we must run into each other what 3 or 4 times. Hope you got some cool image for your fall feature in the LA Times. Would love to see the feature article. Thanks again for the use of that beast of a lens, I captured some stuff I am very happy with from that lens.
    Cheers Neal

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