Northern California Waterfall Prints

Another perspective of the falls north of San Francisco. Glad I ventured up there as I was having second thoughts after being told about some nice beach locations a lot closer to where I was at the time. Those locations will have to wait for another visit. Would love to be in a position to photograph areas like this at a moments notice, yes I am having scenic withdrawals already.

California Falls

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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15 Responses to Northern California Waterfall Prints

  1. uh huh, this one does it for me! πŸ™‚
    love the colours, love the falling water, love the flowing water… the image. just in case you hadn’t figured that out haha πŸ™‚

  2. Cheers Stephan glad you like it. I tried to capture both elements of the water flow. Going to print and frame this one for the home

  3. Christian says:

    simply stunning mate, great stuff.

  4. Thanks Christian, glad you like it, should print up nice on a epson 9900

  5. if you bring this along to the club meet you’ll have 1 very happy man there πŸ™‚ haha. in saying that it’ll also leave me bloody frustrated that I simply have no way in the near future to get a copy of it on my wall…. so maybe save me the pain and not bring it lol

  6. kirkhille says:

    Stunning shot Love it Neal ,
    Looks like you got some good colors over there

  7. @ Stephan lol

    thanks Kirk overcast conditions provided all the nice colours one could want.

  8. Rod Thomas says:

    Very nice again mate…. Looks like you had one helluva trip mate….

  9. thomasparkes says:

    Great composition Neal, lovely scene.

  10. Thanks Rod – Looking like it was a successful trip, I have processed around 14 images so far …

    Thanks Thomas – Stunning little gem of a place …

  11. Luke Austin says:

    Another beautiful image Neal. I wish I could had made it that far north with ya. Looks like a magic spot

  12. Thanks Luke, next time buddy. Getting this printed as we speak.

  13. mervfrench says:

    Great location there mate.

    Looks to me like you’ve done it justice.

  14. Lloyd says:

    Love the colours, love the composition – brilliant photo!

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