1D Mrk IV Hands On Look

1D Mark IV

Had a play with the Canon 1D Mrk IV tonight and yeah its nice, but too much of a brick to carry round on landscape shoots. Shutter does sound sweet (finally) and while it only had the 200mm f/4 lens attached it did focus very very fast accurate. Never tested the HD movie mode, but with the firmware upgrades the Canon 5D Mrk II will get next year it will be just fine.

The completely new 45-point AF system, with 39 f /2.8 sensitive cross-type points was interesting to use and I can see where it will be very beneficial to most. For me not so much as I am at present manually focusing selective points through “Live View” so is it really needed, nope … for now.

The dynamic range is supposed to be better and thats something I am always looking for, no one wants limitations and we’d all like to drop those filters in the bin one day. In the end I’m sticking with the 5D Mrk II is doing just fine and once that gets an upgrade to the mrk III the dynamic range will be improved along with file size, which I hope is around 30-32mb. What I really did like was the Canon Powershot S-90, that is one SWEET ASS point and shoot camera … I want one! 10mb and it shoots RAW … thats sweet for those times when that damn Coyote will not stand long enough for me to set up the main camera ….

This hands on review was not by any means technical, just my hands on observation from the limited time I had with the camera. Thanks to Ben @ Team Digital for the free camera sensor and body clean, she’s looking like new again, and invite to the Canon night …

My next purchase 🙂 Its a sweet sweet camera and I could not believe the quality of the images this puppy took …
Canon S-90

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7 Responses to 1D Mrk IV Hands On Look

  1. dylanfox says:

    looks pretty sweet!
    i am in desperate need of a new camera!!
    would love to catch up mate, maybe a shoot sometime…

  2. I want to see what this puppy will do in low light. Thanks for your thoughts Neal

  3. They “Canon reps” where ravingabout the low light qualities and the samples do look good, iso 2000 for HD movies was impressive but user controled conditions, I would wait to see what Ap review says.

  4. mervfrench says:

    Not interested in the 1d at present, but I’m in the market for a new P&S.

    The old G5 needs updating.

    I’ve been waiting for this camera to come along . I really liked the Panasonic Lumix but it doesn’t shoot raw and i don’t want jpegs and didn’t really see a need for G10 or G11 so this could be the goods.

    Did you have a play with this one and what were your impressions if you did.

  5. Never really had a chance to play much with it Merv, just about every other photographer there was all over it. But judging by the images that where taken on the night, its a very nice little camera. Same sensor as the G11 …. It also has a nice manual ring for av and tv … Would be a nice addition, thinking of getting one for christmas myself ….

  6. Sean Stak says:

    s90 is sweet, its got an awesome front ring interface

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