The Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Who goes to San Francisco and not photography the Golden Gate. I have travelled there a number of times now and never miss an opportunity to photograph this bridge. It has so many moods where it be sunrise, sunset, after dark, fog, clear skies or clouds. I personally like the time after sunset when the lights come on and the if there is a little high cloud it lights up with the city lights as a backdrop.

It was a warm saturday evening and folks and families lined vantage point after vantage point from Marin Headlands all the way down to the Bridge to watch the sun go down and watch the lights, light up the bay, while enjoying a beer or glass of wine. The local radio ” 107.7 The Bone” station played the song “Lights” by Journey right as the sun was disappearing over the horizon. Journey being a band originally from San Francisco and “Lights” a tune about San Francisco Bay. It was a perfect way to end a warm San Franciscan day. I never shot the sunset, I just parked the car and stood on the edge of the road looking out over the San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean pondering my last few days of the trip, what I had seen, where I had travelled and what my family was doing the other side of the planet …

After all that …. What did you expect me to do, call it night, no freakin way … I cracked the camera open and started shooting 🙂

Enjoy …. and yes its a stitch … 8 image …

The Golden Gate Bridge

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12 Responses to The Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

  1. Rod Thomas says:

    Love it mate… your stuff continues to amaze me….
    Id love to get back there again soon, might talk to you about some of the places u just went to if thats to you after PNG

  2. michaelolive says:

    Awesome Neal, I love the mood the lighting of this sets for the scene and as always it is tack sharp.

    I agree with Rod, your photography is an inspiration to us all, awesome!

  3. Cheers Michael for those kind words. It was a blast being in a position to shoot some new landscapes.

  4. a new view of the bridge, love it Neal.

  5. Cheers Christian – it is a fun area to shoot

  6. Luke Austin says:

    Very nice Neal. Looks like on this particular night it was reasonably clear over the city. Came up a treat

  7. Thanks Luke …. Pretty similar to the night we where shooting in and around this location just a little more high cloud and less fog as I made my way down from the headlands shoot to the bridge. The headlands sunset was real nice with a little fog and cloud, Yet to get to processing those collection of images ….

  8. kirkhille says:

    Nice shot again Neal ,
    Cant wait to see this bridge next year

  9. Thanks Kirk … yeah me too 🙂

  10. thomasparkes says:

    Great exposure Neal, I love the little shadows on the water caused by the suspenders.
    Great work.

  11. Thanks Thomas … A tricky shot in the end. Holding back the bridge lights while making sure the city lights came through … Took quite a few trials and in the end I am happy with it …

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