Western Australian Beach Prints

Indian Ocean Western Australia

Taking a break from post production on images from my recent Californian Photographic Safari I ventured down to my local beach. Watching the clouds all day from the back room dungeon thoughts of heading out in the evening where on my mind.

I have had this particular image in my mind for some time. We have ben experiencing some nice cloud over the past week so I had my fingers crossed I would be able to capture what I had planned …. Usually these type of images either do not stitch or are a right pain to stitch, not so this time. While I did shot a little wider than usual I still managed to stitch a few of images so the final product can be printed quite large in the 90 inch range while keeping the quality for the final print.

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Indian Ocean Western Australia

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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8 Responses to Western Australian Beach Prints

  1. Ric says:

    One of your very finest in my opinion. A few months ago I saw a similar scene to what you have represented in the image above and I stood there spellbinded watching and experiencing it until the light disappeared. I had had a lousy day that day and this event made me feel so happy such is the feeling that only nature can create. Thank you for sharing this with us Neal.

  2. Thanks Ric … Not too often we get afternoon skies that that, although we do seem to be going through a nice patch at present …

  3. kirkhille says:

    Very Nice neal love the colors and the sky

  4. michaelolive says:

    Stunning Neal, I really like this shot its a beauty. How many images stitched together? Vertical or horizontal?

  5. Thanks Michael … 3 in landscape mode … I also have the 8 in portrait mode even though I never it would never stitch nice …

  6. Joshua Quirk says:

    Thats beautifulo Neal!! Love this shot. SO simple but so awesome.

  7. Thanks Joshua … sometimes simplicity is best …

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