Esperance Beaches

Esperance Beach Landscape Prints

Feeling inspired today to try my hand at a Black and White image. While I do not attempt to do many Black and Whites especially of a beach setting, I felt like giving it a go today. Why well 3 reasons …. Ansel Adams, John Sexton and G Dan Mitchell.

So how do those photographers start me on a path to this image. Well G Dan Mitchell put up an image today of a spot I photographed last year in Yosemite National Park only his was Black & White. I saw his image on my morning rounds of photographers and what they have been up to and thought wow that is so cool. Well one thing led to another and next thing I am looking through John Sextons few images online and thinking damn his use of light and texture is amazing. I met John briefly at Mono Lake with his wife and again just outside of Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park. After looking through some of Johns and G Dans Black & Whites I ended up I guess where all landscape photographers end up when looking at Black & White photographs Ansel Adams … So that was my inspiration for the day. Thanks gentlemen 😉

Why did I then choose a Esperance Beach shot for the Black & White today, when I have plenty of Yosemite images to choose from … Only my screwed up backward thinking logic knows. I had this set of 3 images stitched for a while now but never liked the color version no matter what I did, so I guess that had something to do with it …

Anyway enough ranting about thoughts inspiration and my work day, most of you folks just want to see pics …. so pics it is …

I am not sure if this works or not, I thought about going heavier in the black contrast department and then thought nah screw that I kinda like the grey tone with the blue filter  … so thats what you get 😉 Oh one last thing …. I did wait round for a larger wave to hit the end rock, but do you think it wanted to play the game … nope so I was left with a tiny splash, better than no splash I guess.

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8 Responses to Esperance Beaches

  1. michaelolive says:

    Great composition, for me personally I think it needs a bit more contrast as you say but that is just my opinion. I like my B&W’s nice and contrasty.

  2. Thanks Michael – I scored a couple of nice images from this spot in the little time I had down there. It looks a little washed out on my macbook but on my calibrated monitor it looks a little deeper and richer in tones … I’ll end up doing a small say 18 inch AP print before I make a final decision on the post production …

  3. mervfrench says:

    Wasn’t going to comment but I guess any feedback is good.

    It doesn’t quite do it for me, maybe a bit of contrast might improve things.

    B&W’s usually can look a lot better in print as I’m sure this would.

    After saying all that it’s probably not worth anything as I’m not really a fan of B&W’s so disregard everything I’ve said. 🙂

  4. Thanks Merv … Guess they can not all be winners …

  5. Ailsa says:

    Hi Neal, It would probably be a stunner with huge billowing clouds. And Lightning lol

  6. Hi Ailsa … thanks for stopping by … This image is growing on me more and more. Was not so sure about it when first done, but looking at the large tiff file a few times yesterday and just now again, I really think this is one of the better images I took down Esperance way. I like the calmness of it …

  7. gdanmitchell says:

    Hi, Neal. First, I think the photo does work nicely in black and white and in the very wide format. I like the fact that the bulk in the upper left is balanced by the lighter elements at the lower right.

    Second, I’m honored (and somewhat astonished) to see my name mentioned in the same sentence with Adams and Sexton. And I’m doubly honored that something I did inspired you in your photography.



  8. Cheers Dan … I am always checking out what your photographing. There is always stuff I can learn from others like yourself … Loving todays image of yours …

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