Old Dunsborough Beach Images

Taken well after sunset and overexposed for the effect Old Dunsborough Beach seemed calm and peaceful that evening …

Manual 3 image stitch …

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About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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6 Responses to Old Dunsborough Beach Images

  1. Luke Austin says:

    Luckily I AM following Spool Photography on facebook!
    Cool simple composition Neal. Is the soft feel to the image intentional? Naturally my eyes expect the rocks to be contrasty and sharp. I’ll have another look at it

  2. Cheers Luke … Not as per usual they are not, while they are a sharper than the sky and water, I did not push then as they seemed to standout too much from the sky when I did …. I went the soft feel to the image for a few reasons, 1st the sky already had movement from the long exposure, 2nd I over exposed it a couple of stops thus washing out some of the finer detail and 3rd its just a stage I am exploring …

    I may darken the rocks a little … in the end …

    Plus a number of requests have come in of late for beach scenes that look inviting rather than tac sharp cold images …

    • Luke Austin says:

      Yeah, I was just used to seeing a pin sharp punchy image of yours. Good to see your doing some exploring. I can now see how the scene may be more inviting.

      • Cheers … Just been looking at a few others and their results and seeing where I could do something similar. There is a couple out there that achieve such cool depth through there soft and sharp techniques that I am just exploring a little at present. I guess thats also what the blog is for, try a few new things and see what kind of feedback and critique you can to learn more.

  3. kirkhille says:

    Nice shot Neal ,
    like the cools and the softer feel to the image

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