Yosemite National Park

Inspired by a chance meeting at Mono Lake and again in Yosemite National Park. John Sextons (who was once Ansel Adams assistant and technical advisor) Black & White photographs are amazing.

Borrowed 300mm lens at the time at 420mm. What attracted me to this pov was the 3 large layers in decreasing darkness the thin line of trees right on the ridge and the light spotty clouds …

Yosemite National Park, where don’t you point the camera?

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11 Responses to Yosemite National Park

  1. Christian says:

    looks like an Ansel Adams mate, thanks for dropping in this week. Cheers

  2. mattinman says:

    Ditto, been a while since I stopped here, some awesome images here!

  3. Thanks Matt … Do not think I have had the pleasure of your visit or comment, cheers …

    Thanks Christian … No problem …

  4. wayte27 says:

    Hello Neal,
    I found your wordpress via Christian Fletcher . You have such an awe inspiring gallery. The San francisco dawn is stunning.
    I have added you as a link to my blog and look forward to future posts.
    Regards Adrian Wayte

  5. Great bw Neal, really like it – you are right about the layers, they look awesome !

  6. Hello Adrian – Cheers for stopping by. Thanks for your kind words … The San Francisco Dawn is one of my favorites as well, mainly for the amount of footwork over 3 years it took for me to capture it … I am adding your blog link today … cheers

    Thanks Flem … I have so many images from Yosemite National Park and while they look col in color something a about that place lends itself to Black & Whites, maybe I am only just becoming aware of that fact when many have realized that decades ago. Bit slow on the uptake I am sometimes …

  7. Luke Austin says:

    Nice one Neal. The scene definitely screams B&W. That lens you borrowed caught you some rippers. I processed a B&W from when we shot this spot the other day. Came up pretty good but I might re-do it at some point and see if I prefer my second attempt

  8. Cheers Luke – Would love to see your image of this area. That even we had on the road to Glacier Point I have post processed, not overly sure about mine there was so much mist and cloud around and my post production skills are limited so not overly happy with the results so far. Going to look at some research today to see if I can pull one of those images out of the bag, fingers crossed …

    I’d like to see your image of the Oak tree in the meadows at Yosemite the one opposite Yosemite Falls, where I stayed up near the road and shot the trees and you where right down under the tree a couple of hundred mtrs away, that tree looked so nice …

    Oh one other thing, you need to add your title back to your blog, where trying to return back to the home page when reading a particular post there is no link on the blog. Your titles missing so I have to retype your blog address each time … That may cost you a couple of expresso shots in those cans πŸ˜‰

  9. Nice Shot Neal, really Liking your America shots πŸ™‚

  10. Cheers William … I had a blast taking them …

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