Lee Vining Colors

One for Christian Fletcher …

Setting out while still dark, Luke and myself arranged to meet up with Leon out the back of the Bates Motel, Well not the real Bates Motel, it sure had that feeling. First we had to get Luke out of his dreamlike state on his I’m sure was super comfee floor bed LOL … We headed off into the dark down hwy 395 on our way to Silver Lake coffee shots in hand and wearing as much warm gear as I had. Being a West Australian cold is like your alien long lost cousin, you don’t mind them showing up, but would rather they did not stay long …

We arrived at Silver Lake before dawn and proceeded to head in 3 different directions. While we did not get the clouds at sunrise as we had hoped the lake itself is quite pretty and we shot as much as we could before vacationers showed up and really took the nice foreground interest as themselves …

After shooting the lake Luke and I headed to the other side of the lake where we saw a little more color. Trekked around the marshes full of cottonwoods and aspens before heading down to the road to a spot we had seen the day earlier in passing.

Arriving at the spot we again headed in 2 different directions and proceeded to shoot the area for a good 45 mins before heading to our local breakfast spot up the road for one of those toasted egg and salad croissants …

Heres an image taken of the creek area on the way back for breakfast. These areas are like a dime a dozen you just have to stop by the road, hike into the tree line and then follow the creek/stream either left of right … A couple of weeks later all these trees would of been in full bloom … Shame I could not be in 8 places at once …

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12 Responses to Lee Vining Colors

  1. Luke Austin says:

    Really like this one Neal. Tack sharp.
    It was a sweet little spot we shot that morning.
    I just uploaded an image from the afternoon at Mono Lake. More to come.

  2. yeah really like this one Neal, looked great on the big screen when you showed it at that meeting

  3. Cheers Luke … Just popped over to your blog and saw your cool Mono Lake image … damn that was a cool evening …

    Thanks Stephen … I had this on the flickR page for a couple of weeks was spotted by CF asking why not on the blog so posted up here as well … I have not printed this one as yet but would like to see it on cotton rag for the blacks …

  4. truenorthmark says:

    Crackerlacker mate! Great composition!

  5. Nice Pleasant scene, great colour!

  6. Sandy says:

    beautiful shot! love the way the white in the water leads your eye straight into the picture

  7. Cheers William and Sandy …

  8. She’s a beauty. Well composed and lovely colours/light.

  9. mate this is one of your finest pieces in my mind. It has everything colour, composition, light, mood , majesty, it is simply perfect. Well done.

  10. Cheers Christian … See this is why I have so much to learn about landscape photography, I thought this image was far from perfect, I’ll get there it’s just going to take years …

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