Geographe Bay Dunsborough

Dawn over one of my favorite spots in Western Australia’s South West. Geographe Bay with its protected waters provides shelter from the large swells moving up the coast from Augusta through Margaret River. Located amongst the million dollar homes are some of the prettiest beaches I have visited.

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10 Responses to Geographe Bay Dunsborough

  1. Clint Baker says:

    very very nice mate….. i think we need to go down after new years??

  2. Cheers Clint … Sounds like a plan to me …

  3. truenorthmark says:

    Simple but elegant mate!

  4. Cheers Mark … I liked the flat rocks against the sky with the larger rock in the background.

  5. Luke Austin says:

    Unique angle Neal. If there is one place i miss back home it is going down south.

  6. Cheers Luke … Yep down south sure is pretty with so many spots down there … Not as dramatic as where you are right now, but still an awesome place to photograph none the less …

    Hows the 60 going 😉 ?

  7. 360 degree photo stitching says:

    Looks great!!

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