San Francisco

I had visited the Marin county hills on many occasions dating back to my hike up Mount Tam back in 1988. This time was a little different I ventured past Mt Tam and just let the road take me where ever it went. I had completed the morning shoot and with the sun high in the sky there was no point heading back, I thought I’d just drive all day till the evening shoot before heading back … So thats what I ended up doing hitting the road around 5am and getting back in round 9pm. A pretty full day with a few stop offs at small seaside diners and coffee shops just taking in the atmosphere of my surrounds …. This is one of the shots from the day … At the time I knew it was going to be a Black & White image of the City. If you look close enough you can see the Golden Gate Bridge, Trans America Building and the Bay Bridge as well as a few other lessor known San Francisco Landmarks … I was staying right on the waterfront in this pic on the lower left corner where you see a bunch of boats …

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23 Responses to San Francisco

  1. fiziskandarz says:

    a stunning collection u got here 🙂 keep it up 🙂

  2. Tony Middleton says:

    Very cool image Neal – I especially like the layers of the hills that then get broken up by the city skyline then fading into obscurity.


  3. truenorthmark says:

    Really cool image Neal. It has an awesome amount of depth and the attraction of some hidden detail.



  4. Cheers fiziskandarz – Been checking your work out for a while now … love the tones you achieve.

    Cheers Tony – I never set out for this shoot, it was just something I wandered into mid morning. I was driving and caught a glimpse over my left shoulder, stopped the car and hiked up a hill and under a huge tree to help cut down the glare on the camera … Great spot for a picnic one day with my wife and kid …

    Cheers Mark – I was surprised the detail actually came through, it was hard to tell with the amount of glare and mist that day, so was quite happy to see the result this afternoon …

  5. katha says:

    I agree with the comment on the hidden detail. I love the flowing mountain – draws the eyes to the hidden cityscape – amazing combination.

  6. Thanks Katha – I really enjoyed my time scouting and photographing from those rolling hills.

  7. holly crap that is the goods mate, that is a killer image, the only thing wrong with it is I didn’t take it. Bummer!!

  8. Levi Buzolic says:

    Great work Neal, looks great! As said above, the fog between the layers of hills is stunning. It’s like they’re just floating on top of each other.

  9. yeah stunning one again man.
    just love those layers in the hills, quite amazing 🙂

  10. Cheers Christian – Can’t get a better endorsement of a image than that 🙂

    Thanks Levi – The few times I have been up there it has alway been different. The fog provides so wonderful textures and shadows.

    Thanks Stephen – I had seen an image some time back where someone had really nice shadows rolling through there sand dune shots of Death Valley, this kind of reminded me of those shots when I was there taking this shot … Had to go the Black & White to get the full effect though …

  11. Absolutely beautiful!

    I love the way each layer interacts with one-another.
    I feel like I have been on a long journey and can finally see my destination.

  12. wayte27 says:

    Awesome image, great timing with the atmospheric conditions
    I can just stare at this image and look beyond the horizon, it just pulls you in.

  13. Luke Austin says:

    Another San Fran pearler! You may as well move to San Fran and set up a gallery. I think you’d do pretty darn well.
    You`ve achieved great layering of the hills in this image, and the city/bridge just gives it that wow factor.

  14. Thanks Savage Detective for stopping and checking out the image. The journey that day had only just started but I did pass the same spot after dark that evening on my way back … Really nice spot to spend an afternoon watching the sun set ….

    Cheers Adrian – Not sure about the timing, should of seen me fiddle and fart around trying to get this image, slipping and falling all over the place and then the tripod would not place nice, the towel over my head and camera, must of been a real sight watching me fumble my way up and down this hill. Thanks for your nice comment.

    Cheers Luke – I have found the right spot for us just a few yards from the Pizza place … So get cracking up there … Thanks for your kind words … Minus freakin 35 today god damn how your doing it I have no idea, thats just BRUTAL!

  15. Killer pic, mate. The tones in the black and white are awesome and the detail is brilliant.

  16. mikerudd27 says:

    Hey can I make you a photography website? Check me out on Linkedin or my website:


  17. Matt says:

    You’ve raised the bar with this one. This is a great image. One of the best of your best..

  18. thomasparkes says:

    Great Neal,
    Love the layers of mountains.

  19. Thanks Matt for your kind words and visiting the blog … cheers

    Cheers Thomas – Heading your way soon 🙂

  20. Andrew Brown says:

    Great work Neal, certainly capturing some of the best images that I have seen for a long time.

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