NSW South Coast Beaches

My first trip to the NSW south coast and it will not be my last. I thought the central and north coast beaches where nice but there’s a handful on the south coast that are some of the best if not the beach beaches I have seen anywhere in Australia. Insane water colour, warm waters, tropical clouds forming on the horizon, not many people around and it was christmas as well, best yet, no freakin strong wind in your face. You could walk for 100 plus meters and just be knee deep at this particular beach. Was fun shooting with the tripod in the water up to my waist, will have to do more of it.

Middle or there about’s of the day shoot while out scouting every beach and cove I could find.

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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8 Responses to NSW South Coast Beaches

  1. Luke Austin says:

    Beautiful shots Neal. It looks like you had ideal conditions for some summery beach images.

  2. Julie Fox says:

    Beautiful shot, Neal. I can see what you meant about the beauty at low tide. Must make another trip there soon with my camera 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of your photos.

  3. thomasparkes says:

    Beautiful Neal, some beautiful water at Conjola, the pics make me want to be back there.
    I was going to try and get a simplified shot of Green Island, but couldn’t be bothered driving all the way around.

  4. Cheers Luke, I guess we have to have them in the portfolio …

    Cheers Julie … Tons of photo ops down that way, shame I had rain for the first few days … Next time 🙂

    Cheers Thomas … It is a long way round while there is so much to shoot at every turn. If not for the rain for the first few days I would have a fist full of images from the christmas period …

  5. michaelolive says:

    Great shots Neal, good to see you have made your way to the SE Coast of NSW. There is about a 300km coast line from Nowra down to the Victorian border that is beautiful and full of photo ops. Its one of the best kept secrets in Aus. I remember last time I was at Potato Point (about 100km Sth of Conjola) for Xmas and you could literally count the number of people on the beach on your two hands, just brilliant. The Sydneysiders are starting to invade but further south there are still spots where you can be all alone on a an untouched beach in the middle of summer. Who said living in Canberra is a bad thing?

  6. Cheers Mike and so true. that South Coast has to be the best kept secret in Australia. People I know that live in the area have been raving about it and rightly so. Its JUST SENSATIONAL …. I will be back for a month or so in the not too distant future with an eye to moving there …

    We drove into Canberra to fly home and stopped off at the town on the way for those famous pies and baked goods … Nice drive …

  7. Nice Neal, water is clear as!

  8. Cheers Stephen … Water was so inviting and could not be clearer …

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