Bodie California

What to do on a Sunday afternoon? Join the throngs of others at Bodie and shoot what you can. While not a primary shoot I had alway wanted to visit an authentic ghost town, not a movie set replica. Bodie is the real deal once home to 10,000 residents in 1879 this thriving gold mining town had another one or two claims to fame. One being it was believe the 2nd or 3rd largest city in California in 1880, the other claim to fame was the amount of gun fights in the streets, some say it was a daily occurrence. Tough town I guess to live in.

Today however it is a State Park, although you can easily imagine Clint Eastwood or John Wayne character riding into town at high noon …

Very cool place to visit … Below are 3 images from some of the interiors of Bodie … Looking to put together 3 external shots in the coming days/weeks.

As with all my images they are for sale. These 3 images are all Open Editions and can be sold individually or as a group

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4 Responses to Bodie California

  1. Luke Austin says:

    I really enjoyed shooting Bodie. Plenty to shoot.
    This series came up a treat. Looking forward to the exterior shots.

  2. Cheers Luke … I was looking through the Bodies images last night and thinking what a freakin good time I had shooting non stop day after day for 24 days straight …

    Wish I shot those 2 dogs in the from seat of the SUV with the canon and not the iphone I tried working it last night but not enough info in the iphone capture.

  3. thomasparkes says:

    Nice rustic series Neal.

  4. Cheers Thomas, very much out of my comfort zone, was thinking about do all these in Black & White as well, should try it out today …

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