Lake Conjola Beach Landscape Prints

One could spend all day hanging out at this beach, with no wind, warm clear waters and access to deep water just offshore as well as a tidal mangrove lake all within 2 minutes make this one damn nice spot. Scored nicely on the day as the weather cleared up from the previous days rains these great big white fluffy clouds appeared, the ones you feel like you could reach up and touch, blue skies abounded touching those stunning green mountains to the west and blue endless ocean to the east. It felt very tropical.

This image is available as an Open Edition Print on Fujuflex by contacting me through the web form on my website

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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4 Responses to Lake Conjola Beach Landscape Prints

  1. truenorthmark says:

    Hey Neal,

    Looks like you have had way better conditions than we have had here!

    Only one day of decent clouds in 2 weeks and windy as hell on many of the days.

    Nice work on all of your recent stuff..quite original in the composition as well.

  2. Cheer Mark … We had rain the first few days then it cleared up. East Coast gets some nice clouds in there summer with all the humidity they have. Makes for some nice photography weather …

  3. thomasparkes says:

    Gotta love that south coast water, its even better further south at Narooma.

  4. Gotta love it Thomas, the more I see the more I am liking the east coast …

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