Mono Lake California

Mono Lake in the strange place. Tucked behind Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Lee Vining, Bodie and between Sierra Nevada Mountain Ranges to the west and east sits this small lake that is around 1-3 million years old among the oldest in North America. The Mono Basin as it is commonly called is actually a tectonic basin formed by downward warping and faulting plates of the earths crust, the visual signs of it are everywhere when you stop and look. The lake on the southern side is surrounded by the Tufa Towers, strange bizarre structures made from common limestone, but what I found interesting was the way this limestone is formed, from the lake bed UP. Underwater springs feed the deposits that over 1,ooo’s of years build these huge towers layer upon layer some reaching well over 30 feet.

Mono lake is also the first time and place I heard a Coyote Call in the distance. While I never saw any at this location, the calls at dusk produced insane chicken skin, an awesome awesome wild sound, I guess could only be topped by hearing Wolves howl in the night. Thats something I hope to get a chance to hear one day.

Below is an image taken as Luke and Myself wandered down to the Lake’s Edge … I’ll have a few lakeside edge images coming soon as well …

As will all my images they are for sale and come in a varies array of sizes through This particular image is a Open Edition.

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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4 Responses to Mono Lake California

  1. pcbenade says:

    Hi Neal, had a look through your photos – great work!

  2. Cheers pcbenade for stopping by and taking a look around, glad you enjoyed the images …

  3. danproud says:

    nice neal, I thought I was on Luke’s page for a moment there! Reminds me of some Lord of the Rings scenery!

  4. Cheers Dan … I guess we both jumped out of the car and shot prety much from the same location as soon as we arrived …. after that I did not see Luke till we where leaving, he went right I went left …. Great fun …

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