Lake Tahoe Prints

Another image from the Lake Tahoe collection. Of the images I have taken from Lake Tahoe this would be my favorite so far. Would love to one day photograph the lake in the snow season. As the lake is pretty much the same temperature all year round, snow covered rocks and those clear waters would make a nice image at dawn. Maybe next time …

This image is available as an “Open Edition Print” from or by contacting myself through the contact form on the site.

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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15 Responses to Lake Tahoe Prints

  1. truenorthmark says:

    Sweet last 2 imwges Neal….nice work!

  2. kirkhille says:

    Very Nice neal ,
    Love the colors , cant wait to see this place not long to go now

  3. Cheers Mark …. This image would be my favorite from Tahoe so far …

    Cheers Kirk …. You’ll have a blast …

  4. Kingsley says:

    Delicious image Neal

  5. Cheers Kingsley … Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment …

  6. Amit says:

    Breath taking image!!Thanx for sharing..i wonder how this image would have turned in a panoramic way as i wish to view this amazing surrounding..that’s just my wish 🙂 bt this picture is just perfect..

  7. katieleigh says:

    that is absolutely picturesque, great image

  8. Sandy says:

    Love this one…so serene and beautiful colours.

  9. Thanks Amit, there is a pano in the portfolio listed on my website

    Thanks Kate for stopping by and commenting I am glad you like the image.

    Thanks Sandy – It is one of my favorites from the trip.

  10. Craig says:

    Can’t say alot except for WOW. The colours are so soft and subdued, and the texture in the rock really stands out. Fantastic capture.

  11. Thanks Craig … I had been chasing a image like this for around 3 years …

  12. Wow! That is a great photo! Makes you want to be there, doesn’t it?

  13. katieleigh says:

    wow – stunning colours

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