When Will It Rain Exhibition

About a year ago I took this image just east of Perth during one of those very hot summer weather patterns. Those afternoon storms brewing to the east. I love the smell of approaching rain after a really hot day. Hoping we get a few in the coming weeks.

A few months ago I received an email from a artist Matt McVeigh asking if he could use an image of mine for reference to a painting he would be painting. I said yes as I thought that would be very cool to see an interpretation of a scene I shot on camera taken and painted by a brush.

Earlier today I had a chance to see what the outcome would be. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and quite taken back that someone would actually use an image of mine to paint in the first place. I like the painting a lot and the added depth by way of the artists brush is very nice.

The Artist is Matt McVeigh.  Matt McVeigh does creative art for stage / film and events. Matt is hoping to have an exhibition at the end of the year that will feature his paintings and sculptures, the below image will be featured in the exhibit, so I am quite excited to see this painting in the exhibition. I will post dates and the location of the exhibit when I have more details and wish Matt all the best with his plans this year for his planned exhibition. I would love to see this painting up close and personal …

Cheers Matt …

Below I have included the original photo and the Artists Painting.

An Artists Impression “Waiting For The Wet” By Matt McVeigh

A Photographers Impression “When Will It Rain” by …. err me

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10 Responses to When Will It Rain Exhibition

  1. kseverny says:

    they’re both good.
    it must feel nice for an artist to be inspired by your photos

  2. Cheers kseverny … Certainly did, right up there will selling a few images to fellow photographers … Thanks for stopping by …

  3. Kirk Hille says:

    Congrats on having one of your photos turned into a painting Neal .
    Got some nice light that day , cant wait for some more summer storms to get some decent light around this area again

  4. Cheer Kirk … Your doubly right, it was nice light that afternoon ( must do it again ) and yes we are SOOOO over due for some nice light …

  5. truenorthmark says:

    Great story Neal.

    We missed you the other day and hope things are OK for you.



  6. Nice! The painting came out wonderfully. Well done to Matt.

  7. must be a nice feeling heh nice work.

  8. Joe says:

    What an incredible sky…awesome shot. You dominate at panoramas!

  9. Cheer Beau, yeah he did a nice job …

    Cheer William – I was very surprised by it as well …

    Cheers Joe … Thanks for your kind words, I have so much to learn though …

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