Mirror Lake

National Parks all over the world have there version of  a Mirror Lake … You have Lake Placid in New York State, Mirror Lake State Park Wisconsin, Mirror Lake Kootenays in BC Canada and Mirror Lake at Lake Matheson in NZ an many many more throughout.

MIrror Lake at Yosemite National Park California is a seasonal lake and comes very close to disappearing due to sediment accumulation. The lake sits at the bottom of the Valley at an elevation of 4098 feet. I guess the best times to visit would be right after the snow melt or very early summer. We got lucky as even though it was the middle of the Northern Hemisphere’s Fall season, the park was extremely dry, if not for the full day of continual rain on our 2nd day there most of the images would be without waterfalls and rivers …

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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17 Responses to Mirror Lake

  1. Luke Austin says:

    I remember this location well Neal. The B&W treatment works well in this particular scene. Is this a single or stitch?

  2. Cheers Luke … Was a very cool day, 3 image stitch in portrait mode cropped to 3×2

  3. Another beauty in black and white…

  4. Rod Thomas says:

    Love it Neal…. It has nice mood and atmosphere…. U Still thinking maybe NZ ?

  5. Cheers Beau …

    Thanks Rod … I am in the midst of scheduling into my calendar, Hoping NZ makes the cut, but am not sure as yet. I will let you know either way for sure … In the next 2 weeks …

  6. very Nice, my fav of the B&W images you have posted.

  7. Cheers William … I needed convincing on posting this … I was working on it thinking, er its ok I guess, wife walked in and love it so I posted it … I guess you and her have similar tastes …

  8. Dylan Fox says:

    very nice mate! your b&w stuff is really gettin good! You will have a good b&w portfolio by now ay?

  9. Cheers Dylan … Not so much me and more the scenes … Really a blind man could shoot there …

  10. truenorthmark says:

    Really sweet shot Neal,,,works great in Black and White as well!

  11. Cheers mark, developing a real liking for the Black & White … Came across a stunning Black & White surf image last week from a Mario Bailote, I am going to contact him to see if I can post his image here, its sensational …

    Not sure if you have done it yet or not, but the new WordPress App update for the iphone keeps you sig as a link to your site as I notice yours are always unlinked … May want to check it out if you have not …

  12. wayte27 says:

    Great image Neal, B&W is stunning. So much detail to keep the eye interested.
    Cheers Adrian

  13. Cheers Adrian … I am taking a liking to Black & White photography. Now I just need more subjects to shoot …

  14. Christian says:

    I’m going to call you Ansel Pritchard from now on mate, you have some great B&W images. Love em.

  15. Cheers CF …. LOL I could only wish … Just playing around with yellow, red, green and blue filters … Still have not found a image that works with the green

  16. Andrew Brown says:

    Really enjoying your B&W series Neal. I run hot and cold on B&W with my own stuff but always enjoy looking at other top quality images.

  17. Cheers Andrew, I hope to explore this side of photography more so in 2010 …

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