Sugarloaf Rock Cape Naturaliste

My take on a favorite landscape photography spot here on the South West Coastline of Western Australia. While I have not been lucky enough to hit the spot with that killer light I am always taken back by the textures, light and shadows this location provides. This is a 16 image stitch of 1 row of 8 x 2 for contrast and balance. I used a red and blue filter for different sections of the image after converting to a black & white. Quite a bit of work went into preparing the 8 separate images from the 16 before the stitch was done.

To see more like this and many more images, some not been seen before and some that have been posted over time on the blog check out the Open Section of Spool Photography at which contains 1 image that was the scariest image I have attempted to take … hint I am below a waterfall at sunrise up against a cliff with the waterfall cascading right under my legs and no one else around if something went wrong and yes folks have died at the spot I later found out. VERY Dumb ass move in hindsight.

While it is not quite complete and we still have some 55-60 images to add as well as some finer details to work through, its pretty much done for now with a revamped “In Your Home” page that is still getting tweaked as I write this … Dave I see your email I’m just finishing this post 🙂

If you have not checked out my Facebook Page here is the link, check it out. Very soon someone from the page will win a Spool Photography Print up to 75 inches …

Almost time to start shooting again, time light the fires and kick the tyres as they say, I can’t wait …. 🙂

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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9 Responses to Sugarloaf Rock Cape Naturaliste

  1. danproud says:

    love the focus on the textures with the monotone. Beautiful sky too!

  2. Thanks Dan … I tried to focus more attention on the shapes and textures as the sky was pretty bland, it did come up a little nicer as a monotone though. Glad you like it .. Cheers

  3. MatthewSaul says:

    Awesome shot!, just checked out your website, looks great.

  4. Cool shot, Neal. Love the soft monotone conversion. Horizon looks slightly off, though! Just had a quick browse through the new section on your site – looking good!

  5. Thanks Beau … Yeah the new section has been a lot of work and still some to do, but we are getting there … Maybe I over compensated for having one eye lower than the other … I should get the ruler out in check the image out actually … cheers again

  6. Luke Austin says:

    Very nice Neal. Plenty of detail.
    On a roll with the B&W

  7. thomasparkes says:

    Spectacular shot Neal, Sugar Loaf is always a powerful subject.

  8. katha says:

    Beautiful contrast.

  9. Cheers Luke

    Cheers Thomas …

    Thanks Katha …. I have since fixed the horizon 🙂

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