Yallingup Surf Image

Long time no posting, well there has no boom de ah da moments of late, thats all about to come to an end with the first of my planned trips to Karijini and then the Victorian Highland Country maybe then I’ll have a few more boom de ah da moments … I am starting already to pre-visualize shoots, locations and what I want to achieve … The journey begins …

Till then I have just been reading a lot of folks work from Michael Frye to Ansel Adams, John Sexton and the late great Galen Rowell, trying to learn a little more about composition, light etc … Plus does not hurt to look at these folks images from time to time to see how good, the really good photographers are and where in the case of Galen Rowell.

What is really striking me about these photographers and a few others is the composition, simple scenes through their eyes turn into jaw dropping examples of how much I still need to learn about composition and light. If you have not seen the book “Recollections” by John Sexton, have a look, powerful photographs with a sense of tranquility that just blows my mind … I can see myself producing less in future with more emphasis improving my quality through composition.

With no recent passed shoots for post production I ventured back into the archive of files and pulled out a raw file I had previously processed. I was never really happy the first time around and I think I was more interested in color and detail as apposed to layers through light. This time around I tried to produce some thing I saw at the time, just did not have the knowledge to reproduce in post production. Now I am quite happy with it, today …. Tomorrow maybe not so much, if I keep reading these books from the aforementioned photographers … Of course I will keep reading and looking, thats a no brainer …

Cheers for stopping by and reading my thoughts for the day ….

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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6 Responses to Yallingup Surf Image

  1. Joel says:

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts and insights as well as the image. The photo is very powerful in it’s simplicity. Like you said great layers of light. Might sound corny but I can hear the waves crashing with this photo. It was not that long ago that I visited this area (5or6 weeks).

  2. Andrew Brown says:

    Nice image mate, well balanced and excellant contrast. Last year I went through a similar phase and went through stuff 3 years old, at the time I didn’t have the skills to process how I would have liked. Let me know if you want any info on Vic High country locations, it is my second home.

  3. Cheers Joel … Thanks for taking a look and commenting … I think this winter I will try doing a little more surf photography …

    Cheers Andrew … I guess it becomes growth as a photographer you want to branch out a little now and again and try different things. I have just been drawn to Black & Whites and more simplistic scenes of late … I think I will send you and email for some advice on the highlands … I have a number of locations already pinned but local advice is always good to hear … cheers

  4. I like it a lot, Nice work!

  5. Cheers William … Came out much better than the 1st edit last year …

  6. absurdoldbird says:

    This is a lovely image!

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