Alien Water Kiss

Just messing around with some tones on a older image. Results where more than I had planned so thought I’d post up on the blog …

Karijini is not far away now and neither is the back to color images for me …. for a little while anyway …

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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9 Responses to Alien Water Kiss

  1. mattinman says:

    Very atmospheric, lots of drama, I like it!

  2. truenorthmark says:

    Nice Neal…waycool!

  3. Cheers Matt … Yeah I like the drama of the heavy cloud with the water spout … I shot around 30 frames to catch the right timing …

    Thanks Mark … just a little stubborn persistence in the end paid off … Hanging out for Karijini mate … color color color 🙂 …. Well maybe 😉

  4. mattlauder says:

    Arr… I recognise good old Spoon Bay anywhere.

  5. Well you where there when I shot this Matt 🙂

  6. Beautiful shot, I like it. Well done

  7. Cheers Jodsters, glad you like it and thanks for stopping by the comment …

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