Back Soon … 500 miles from No Where

No internet no phones no news, “500 miles from No Where” Time to finally after wanting the photography arguably the most photographic location in Western Australia, Karijini and the many gorges that surround the area. The first of my photographic trips of the year is so close now I can almost taste it.

The outback of Western Australia is something special and very unique in Australia and I hope to bring back a number of new landscape photos and some new cool video of the area to share on this blog and my main site

I will not be able to answer any emails or blog comments till i return as will be without internet and mobile phone connections for the duration of the trip. I dont think I have been without an internet connection for that period of time in like 15 years, so I will be starved my my local news feeds be it ESPN, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, I am even going to miss the NFL draft coverage. What would we do without the internet, well I am about to find out …

Cya on the other side of the trip …

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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4 Responses to Back Soon … 500 miles from No Where

  1. now i’m pretty sure you’re worried more about the snakes and creepy crawlies…. don’t deny it big fella! haha

    looking forward to what yus get up there hey. while the B/W stuffs nice, i want to see some colour πŸ™‚

  2. I never saw one snake or creepy crawly the whole time I was there. I did see a few lizards but they seem to run of as soon as they are noticed.

    I’l have a Karijini image up over before next wednesday for you to view …



  3. Come on Neal, been hanging out to see your take on Karijini – when do we get to see some pics?


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